Recap: Ashley's Life in Year 2013

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

This is the last post of year 2013.

I believe there were ups and downs during this momento, somehow I couldn't believe what braves my guts to write them out. Most of my happenings in year 2013 were some kind of "breakthrough" thingy. I would like to sum up what I've done in year 2013.

Interned at Lowyat MSC S/B
This is the one that I hate to mention the most. I barely told anybody that I've interned that company unless they saw it on my Facebook. The only thing I'm glad with is, my superior gave me a platform and opportunities to explore the world as a real media person, and thanks for letting me know the bright and dark side of media line. She used some "special ways" to train me become the one that she "expected". Believe it or not, you may find more than 400 posts of articles with name "Ashley Yeen" from in 3 months time.

Chaotic financial issue 
Nah... I don't wanna be so negative for this issue as it tends to happen on me every single day. I've been to the court for my salary issue and caused me facing tons of my credit card debts from debt collectors. I've decided to cut them all and live my life debt-free. Somehow it's kinda great to pay stuff with cash instead of using those magic cards to swipe. At least, you know what you've spent and you'll spend wisely! And You'll see me hardly spend on stuffs that I like or I wish... I'll get'em in other ways... *giggles*

I did a haircut?
This is not good. Why? Cause I've met a couple of issues for this matter. Thankfully, everything turns well and I've no longer been harrassed after the big boss spilled out his unsatisfactories on my blogpost and ask for such a huge hairdressing amount from me (which I'm able to accuse him for defamation, but I didn't do that). Well, still a fresh look for me and I'm kind of fall for hair colouring after that.

2nd Anniversary with my man
Finally, a little brightside of my life. I've celebrated my 2nd year anniversary with my MAN at Arthur's Bar and Grill, Shangri-La Hotel KL, using The Entertainer digital coupon which entitled us B1F1 on any main course! Both of us loved the meals that we've ordered so much and I highly recomend this place to you all if you're looking for a fusion concept restaurant but not too crowded and noisy. (First reveal on how my boyfriend aka driver actually looks like) **sweet sweet**

I'm back to my life as a blogger
Like I said, I found my passion of wirting since I joined online media company as an editorial intern. I can see some improvement on my grammar and coherency skills, but still I need to work harder. I worked closely with PRs and media agencies so that I can share some first hand information to the public and my readers. At the same time, I still need to study. So please do bare with me that I might have a slight delay on some blogposts as I'm not intended to do that on the spot. But thank you for your continuous support!

I've lost my granny
I hate myself for not doing well as a granddaughter and this is the only thing that made me become stronger. But thank God she lived for such great years and she owned more than 100 grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She inspired me alot as she always praised me that I'm one of the best among their grandchildren.

There are actually more and mostly unfortunate stuffs, but still I chose not to spill them out here. I sincerely hope that my year 2014 will be much better, at least. It's sentimental.

I'm glad that I'm tough enough to stand up and fight back after a few times of unfortunate circumstances, one by one, bit by bit. I have the heart and passion to strive for the life that I want. It has been quite a challenging years for me at this moment but it's all for my better future right? I really thanked to all my readers, my friends, my blogger firends who helped, who stand by me, who ruined me... Which made me what I am right now - a better and tougher Ashley Yeen.

Goodbye 2013 and Happy New Year 2014

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