[GIVEAWAYS] Win 2 Pairs of Ipanema Pair-of-3!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Who said that "Two is better than One", why not "Three is better then Two"?

It’s with this innovative mindset that Ipanema introduces ‘Pair of 3”. Three mix and match styles that when combined, creates a unique pair. Each foot has different, yet complementing details inspired by today’s fashion trends. This new concept reinforces the soul of Ipanema. Always new, always Ipanema!

The Ipanema Pair of 3 is inspired by 3 different styles based on the current fashions. ‘Rocker’ has detailing of spikes and leopard prints. Just like the glamorous ladies in the fashion scene, those that command power and dare to stand out; ‘Glam’ encapsulates their alluring looks through detailing of studs and metallic colour tones.

Last but not least is the ‘Lady Rock’. It may be called ‘lady’, but don’t be fooled. It is sweet and tough, chic but edgy. Skull and bow prints are the theme for this look.

So, retails at RM69.90 each, take your pick from the 4 colour ways we’ve brought in for this unique collection. It will be available at all Samba and Stadium outlets, selected Royal Sporting House, Studio R and Sports Station outlets nationwide as well as selected dealers.

Special thanks to Ipanema Malaysia, I'm giving out 2 PAIRS of Ipanema Pair-of-3 (1 Black & 1 Beige) of your preferred shoe size! All you have to do is follow carefully on the rules and regulation and join the contest on the app below! Merry Christmas and good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and conditions
1. Contest is open for Malaysian / Singaporean readers nationwide.
2You need to pay for postage fee*So sorry, I'll post for free if I can afford this soon enough
3. The winner list are randomly picked and generated by contest system.
4. Incomplete entires will not be entertained. Remember to post comments to complete the entries.
5. Make sure your entry details are set to be "Public".
6. Contest ends 23rd December 2013 (Monday), 11.59pm (+8 GMT)


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  1. 1's okay, 2's better, 3's Ipanema! I love the idea of Pair of 3 where I can mix and match with different outfit! I'll definitely be the unique one if I wear it on street! hohoho! thanks for the giveaway! Hope to win this homee! :D

  2. 1's okay, 2's better, 3's Ipanema! It's awesome & cute that I can wear different kind(style) of shoe everyday that match with my outfit!! Hope I'm the one lucky winner...heeee!!!anyway,thanks for giveaway:)

  3. 1's okay, 2's better, 3's Ipanema! I love the idea. Such amazing and cute. I do believe every lady sure got alot of shoe to suit their daily outfit. Ipanema do solve our problem. We can easily create our daily outfit with it. Really an awesome giveaway dear, Hope I can be one of the lucky winner. Hope you can be my santa :D Thanks for giveaways, ashley. Have a nice day.

  4. 1's okay, 2's better, 3's Ipanema! Well, it's so cool when they came out with this idea. Wearing slipper will never be bored again!

  5. 1's okay, 2's better, 3's Ipanema!
    It is awesome with maxi dress

  6. 1's okay, 2's better, 3's Ipanema! These Ipanema Pair-of-3's are really cool, and it allows the wearer to mix and match depending on mood and style. I for Ipanema? Nah, I for Incredible! ;)

  7. "1's okay, 2's better, 3's Ipanema!!!!

    I think this idea is really awesome!! First you can wear it in different ways, second if you accidentally lost one of the slipper, you still have spare, or let say it got bite by fur baby, you still have extra one more!! Like a spare tyre, one puncture you got extra one just in case!! That would be extraordinary!! So I hope to win this like seriously. Thanks for this giveaway Ashley and thanks Ipanema too!

    Email: abigaila1981@gmail.com
    Blog: http://abigaila1981.blogspot.com/

  8. They're gorgeous and so very chic!

  9. 1's okay, 2's better, 3's Ipanema!
    An item that can match with basically everything, from a sun dress to a jeans is definitely a keeper! Thanks Ashley & Ipanema! :)

  10. 1's okay, 2's better, 3's Ipanema!
    I love Ipanema & have been using it's sandals since secondary school.
    I love that it does not bite & won't give my feet any blisters.
    Now with it's new design being able to switch not 1 or 2 but 3 different straps is simply amazing, cool & unique!!!
    Thanks Ashley for the giveaway! =)

  11. "1's okay, 2's better, 3's Ipanema!
    Wear Ipanema and climb on tree! It give me a first impression on "natural and free".
    SImple design can be gorgeous!

  12. 1's okay, 2's better, 3's Ipanema!
    The same goes to "one's company, two's a crowd, and three's a party!!" Because 2 is just too common, why not 3 to spice up the "party"?!!
    The idea of 3 slippers with 3 different design is absolutely off the hook...Who would have thought of that??

  13. 1's okay, 2's better,3's Ipanema!
    i like the design , simple n nice.
    hope can get beige :)
    email: belovebaobei@gmail.com

  14. 1's okay, 2's better, 3's Ipanema!
    4's for me!!!! I love Ipanema because...
    1, it's so comfy
    2, it's so stylish
    3, it's so easy to go with my OOTD

    Ashley!!!you still remember me at the Luau Party?nice to meet you

  15. 1's okay, 2's better, 3's Ipanema!
    1 it's adorable!
    2 it's so beautiful!
    3 it's so brilliant and full of charms!

    The idea itself is so amazing! The design is elegant yet very practical.
    I like it so much!

    blog: http://anisfarhanaaliman.blogspot.com
    email: anisfarhanaaliman@gmail.com

  16. 1's okay, 2's better, 3's Ipanema!
    it's really an cool idea to have 3 in a pair! the simplicity design can easily match well with most of my clothes <3 It size is so portable that i can tag only one pair of this slipper to travel and be trendy!

    email: shanya0224@hotmail.com
    blog: http://esthershanyazzi.blogspot.com/

  17. 1's okay, 2's better, 3's Ipanema! Who doesn't want to own this cool pair? I want my comfort wear to come stylishly and I trust that Ipanema has it ^_^ All these while I've been wearing "cokia" slippers, the ones that we can get everywhere esp in emergency situations, so I wish I can win this giveaway to give my shoe wardrobe a makeover for new year! New cool pairs. new me ^_^

    email : trisy7@gmail.com
    blog : http://www.archereverdeen.com/