Foodpanda Delivers Variety of Local F&B Merchant Orders to Your Doorstep!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Starting to feel hungry but you can’t be bothered to go to the kitchen and start preparing your meal. Sometimes we’re just too tired to cook, or you don’t feel like driving out and getting stuck in the jam en route to a restaurant – but what do you do with your growling stomach, then? Well, since this problem happens quite often to us, there's a food delivery service is growing viral around the corner. Just dial a number, order your food, and wait in the comforts of your own house for your food to arrive. So what am I reffering to? FOODPANDA!

Foodpanda is a small team of problem solvers and striving hard to bring the best food delivery platform to Asia, Foodpanda introduces a convenient food ordering service for their customers that provides a great variety of culinary choices online.

It's totally hassle-free to access and order from Foodpanda. All you have to do is to enter your post code, find your favorite restaurant near you and with just a few effortless clicks, Foodpanda helps you to easily order food over the internet.

What you can order from Foodpanda? 
Starbucks, Oldtown, PappaRich, Morganfields, Tony Romas, The Chicken Rice Shop, Chatime...
and MORE!
Not just in Klang Valley area, Foodpanda is now expanding to other region including Penang, Johore, Melaka and Ipoh!

To be honest, it saves efforts for those people who hates working hard for food like me.... I'm ordering right now.. Have you?

To be more convenient to you, Foodpanda is on mobile now and it's compatible to all iOS and Andriod phones!

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