3 New Products To Join Diptyque's Rose Collection

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Love everything about roses? Known as the “Queen of flowers”, the rose takes pride of place at diptyque as this year begins. Everything about it is remarkable, from the beauty of its corolla to the perfume it emits. diptyque has captured its purest expression, to reveal its full authenticity. Nature rewards those who treat her well.

Where the Rose begins...
The Greeks associated Aphrodite with the rose, the Romans Venus, Cleopatra used it to seduce Caesar and Mark-Antony... throughout the centuries it has acquired many symbolisms but the one that has lasted is
pure, unalterable love.
Labyrinthe (copyrighted by Pierre Marie)
The very image of perfection, the rose is intimately linked to our senses and feelings. The Romantics saw the rose, in particular the pink rose, as a symbol of tenderness. Flowers and their colours have a language known only to the poets, which diptyque has expressed in its own way. Two legendary roses are its allies.

Firstly, the Damask rose, which is harvested in May, over a three-week period, in the region of Isparta in Turkey, at over 1,000 meters in altitude. Secondly, the Centifolia, or Rose de Mai. Grown in Grasse since the 16th century, and christened the “rose with a hundred petals” by Linné, it owes its name to its abundance of petals.

Curiously, the rose essence differs very little from the scent you breathe in the garden. To find its natural expression, it needs help from infusion. Infusion is a time-honoured method, which consists by immersing the
petals in a long bath – usually for over six months – in an alcoholic solution. The sensory aspects of both roses conjure up the unique, incomparable sensation expressed by the flower.

Eau Rose Collection
Two years ago, Eau Rose launched the floral opus of Les Eaux with its sober, majestic scent, enlivened by bergamot and blackcurrant, and warmed by musk, cedar and honey, expressing its full sensory range.

Eau Rose Roll On 20ml
Ashley's verdict:
I personally love the Eau Rose EDT. Unlike those ordinary rose perfume, the Eau Rose brings you a light fruity (lychee) blend into the rosebuds, which able to give you a scent of elegance yet chic appearance. This has become one of my favourite diptyque collection since I knew diptyque.

This year, Eau Rose is divulging its scent via two new products:

Voile lacté (Body lotion) envelops the body with a breath of fresh air, moisturising and softening the skin, thanks to the olive oil derivative squalane, and musk rose oil.

Émulsion pour les mains (Hand lotion), meanwhile, has a light, generous and enveloping texture, enriched with macadamia oil and aloe vera.

I'm always amazed of diptyque's unique design for every single products they have. For the graphic design of this floral collection, a black ink drawing is added to the black and white oval, with a touch of lively pink. The different design for each product highlights the majesty of the flower.

To complete this celebration, a new limited edition of the Rosa Mundi candle, the companion to Eau Rose, joins the range.

Rosa Mundi
An opalescent glass, slightly tinted by the pink wax of the candle, houses this delicate fragrance.

“ Rose ” Collection
Floral scent Eau Rose (3.4fl.oz) 100ml - RM350
Floral scent Eau Rose (0.7fl.oz - roll-on) 20ml - RM165

New products
(available in January 2014)
Eau Rose Hand lotion (1.7fl.oz)
Eau Rose Body lotion (6.8fl.oz)
Rosa Mundi - Limited edition candle (6.5oz)
*price will be update

diptyque products are available at:
diptyque Boutique, 3rd Floor, Pavilion KL
KENS Apothecary, Level UG, Bangsar Village II
KENS Apothecary, 1st Floor Highstreet, 1 Utama Shopping Centre

For more information, kindly visit http://www.diptyqueparis.com/

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  1. hye penang girl, i also from penang hehe. nice too meet u
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    1. Miss Ika, no problem.. Since I stay in KL, I always help my PG friends to buy stuff ^^