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Sunday, December 01, 2013

A day that I'll never get the chance to stay slim!

Too much choices in 1Utama Shopping Centre and I've no guts to try something new instead of sticking to the familiar ones. Special thanks to The Butterfly Project and 1 Utama Shopping Centre, 50 bloggers were having an opportunity to SPLURGE and try out 15 of the selected restaurants without paying a single penny and seriously I've totally addicted to this feeling. THIS IS AWESOME!

I have pins and needles to try out all 15 stores but I can't make it all because of my busy schedule and small tummy (did I just say "small tummy"? LOL) So, shall we start at the beginning?

Although we've only required to do an at least FIVE of the selected stores (the one which highlighted on the picture below), somehow each of us were trying their very best to hit them all! KIA-SUism.. Hahaha, seriously, I didn't make it all... But I would love to tell them all in detailed.

LG Promenade
1. Ninja Joe*
2. Ko Hyang Korean Country Delights
3. I Love Yoo!
4. SS2 Goreng Pisang
5. Oyster King
6. Eat and Happy Yong Tao Foo
7. Mr Cendol
8. Bisou
9. Seaweed Club
10. Pao Xiang Bak Kut Teh*

LG Highstreet
11. Lammeeya*
12. BBQ Chicken
13. Vivo American Pizza and Panini
14. Molten Lava
15. Food Box

(* indicates non-halal restaurants)

Registering in Process - ARE YOU READY?
Goodies from 1Utama
1st SPOT - I Love Yoo! Gonna have a great breakfast to kick start my food journey!
My favourite - SET A (You Tiao + Scallop Porridge)
Look at what we've ordered!
2nd SPOT - Eat & Happy Yong Tao Foo - A local favourites with fishballs inserted into veggies.
Fried dish sections
Veggie sections and tofus!
3rd SPOT - Ko Hyang Korean Country Delights. One of my favourite fast-serving Korean Dish in town.
The Chickin Bibimbap. Still, I prefer Sundobu Chigae (Tofu Kimchi Soup). They serve Korean food with affordable prices! You know what, you can bring home a box of Kimchi for only RM5!
4th SPOT Oyster King. Local oyster delights in multi cooking ways!
Menu all served with fresh oysters, oh they have "la la"
Look at these fresh big garlic oysters! Actualy it tastes not bad =) and no fishy smells.
5th SPOT SS2 Goreng Pisang. Ahhh... I really, really love fried bananas! They used to be quite famous in SS2 PJ, located near McDonalds and Nasi Kandar Pelita SS2 for a couple of years.
Layered with crunchy fried flours, temping for them now?
Signature fired banana and sweet potato + yam + nian gao
6th Spot Bisou Bake Shop - A cakeshop with full of cupcake delights and luxury pastries!

Cupcake of the month! Chocolush, a very creamy yet not too sweet chocolate based cupcake!
Red Velvet is one of my favourites too!
7th SPOT Seaweed Club. A healthy snack store with seaweed rolls!
Spicy Chicken Floss Seaweed Roll
Original Seaweed Roll
Test it! And get the healty snack for yourself!
8th SPOT Pao Xiang Bak Kut Teh (non-halal). Very famous in Klang area and now they've come out with branches in Klang Valley Area!

Single order of Bak Kut Teh
9th Spot LAMMEEYA. You've gotta try their original Lam Mee, the noodles are very fat like udon! Very Q!
Eating with one of my gang on that day! Swee San from thesweetspot.com.my

My last station on the day BBQ Chicken! Newly revamped restaurant and new concept menus to let custoers indulge their greatest chicken meals here. It runs viral in Korea!

Yeah! Forgot to tell you all my eat-mate! For sure I cant eat them all alone! Meet Swee San and Rane!

Look at my expression, and you'll know how much I love to eat fried banana!
Picture collage on my Instagram #WonderFood #1Utama #ButterflyMsia
Stamps and Chops on my Passport!
"Do you know that 1Utama Shopping Centre is the 4th Largest Shopping Centre + one of the 12 Best Shopping Cities on CNN Travel?"

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  1. lol...quite good neh
    love ur funny way of blogging
    ur garlic oyster gor bling bling 1 ^^

    1. Ola Emily!! Haha, the garlic oyster quote nice kan? Thank you very much ^^