ZA Cosmetics Impact-Full Eyes & Perfect Action Mascara

Sunday, October 06, 2013

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Yay! Another new product to try. I received a package from Shiseido and I'm so surprised that there were an almost-complete products from ZA Cosmetics. For this year's F/W Collection 2013, they launched their NEW Impact-Full Eyes palettes and NEW Perfect Action Mascaras. A note-worthy collection that adds more character to the brand. 

Impact-Full Eyes
Bring out the sophisticated beauty in you through your eyes and dress them up to make your eyes look even more model-like and defined. Jazz up the looks with beautiful colour texture of REAL colour pigment contained palettes..

ZA has two(2) types of eye colours - Gradation and Groovy. The colour pigments bring out its sheer especially at bright places or under glam spotlights. The eye colour also contain Highlighting Pearl and Shading Pearl to bring out the natural shape and contours of your eyes.

It's up to you that you wanna achieve a glamourous eyes or cool eye colour. The shades are usually connected and there won't be something like "bold eye colour". View the colour choices on top of the chart.

Once I saw the colour, I'm really fall for it. I'm now trying the Gradiation in Amethyst Ring. Here are the swatches on hand.

How? I gotta say I love pigments eye colours at the shimmer stays, easy to blend and the glitters won't spread all around your eyes unevenly. Plus, If you dap a lil bit colours on a damp eye brush, it creates a long-lasting wet eye shadow effect (but don't do it too often, it might spoil your pigments)

*both GRADATION and GROOVY Impact Full-Eye Palette retails at RM39.90*

Perfect Action Mascara
Achieve 3 awesome effects in one tube! I admit that Japanese brand's mascara has its market but Za's Perfect Action Mascara gives you the smudge-proof and water-proof effect for beauty junkies! The perfectly-matched mascara gives you volume, length and seperate your eyelashes, that's what we exactly want! Their newly-developed Wide Volume Brush and Long Stretch Fiber is the secret to achieve multi-finished eyelashes. 

No smudging multi-functional mascara! Specially formulated with moisturizing collagen that is gentle on eyelashes and a waterproof formulation that stays smudge-free all day!

Waterproof is not your choice, try this one! You don't have to use any special eye make-up remover of mascara oil remover because it can easily wash off with using only warm water!

*both Perfect Action Mascara (Waterproof and Smudgeproof) retails at RM36.90*

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