Urban Decay's NAKED 3 Palette - It's REAL!

Friday, November 08, 2013

Credits: Whee Confetti
Rumours has been spreading around about the brand new Urban Decay NAKED 3 Palette. Some of them said it was real, but some are not. Read more and I'll tell you how does it started.

Credit: Natacha Birds
Firstly sourced from a French blogger claimed that the UD NAKED 3 Palette were sold in Sephora France 3 days ago an attached with an official receipt from Sephora France. It has been a total "chaos" that other beauty junkies were asking about the credibility of the products; some even said it's fake - which totally doesn't make sense because Sephora Stores NEVER sell replica products. 

So I browsed back to Urban Decay's Official website continuously for a couple of days UNTIL this morning, Urban Decay proved all of us and several French buyers right - NAKED 3 is REAL!

I'm a huge fan of Urban Decay Cosmetics before it even launches in Malaysia and I always need to ask favours from my friend to buy for me, thank you so muchie!

Credit: Natacha Birds
Credit: Natacha Birds
Credits: Whee Confetti
After look at the swatches, NAKED 3 palette is more to a rosy touch compared to the previous two palettes. I personally think that this NAKED 3 is completely suitable for the upcoming Spring / Summer 2014 Collection. It's warm and add on a lil pink shades in it. Same quantity and quality, and I'm pretty sure everyone will be extremely looking forward for this.

There were rumours that NAKED 3 will be launched around December 8th / 16th or January 2014.

So, if there's a reward called "The Most Anticipated Beauty Pallette of the Year 2014", this could be the one! I'll share the soonest information once it hits Malaysia!

Do stalk on www.urbandecay.com or UD's Facebook Page for more information!

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