[Tried and Tested] Skinmiso Pore Beauty Nose Pack + Javanese Lulur Rice Foam Cleansing

Saturday, November 02, 2013

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Here comes another Korean beauty product to review! Heard of Skinmiso? I’m started to fancy Korean beauty stuff since I start blogging and I found some of them are so amazing and functional to my skin! This time, I’m reviewing Skinmiso Pore Beauty Nose Pack and Skinmiso Javanese Lulur Rice Foam Cleansing.

NO more pores!

Say no to blackheads and white heads or any other heads, we just hate them. Skinmiso has its own star product and I’m glad to try them out. But, I’ve just done my facial yesterday so I decided to grab my boyfirend’s nose as my “nose model” for the product testimonial.

5 easy steps to cleanse your blackheads
Mask (Step 1) > Extract > Mask (Step 2) > Cleanse > Essence

#1 - Clean your nose area, and mask on Step 1 for 10 minutes.
#2 - Begin your extraction after, you'll find it's much easier to do so.

#3 - Apply Step 2 mask for another 10 minutes. You may pour the accessive essence on top of the mask sheet .

Both Step 1 & Step 2 masks are look just like this!

#4 - Rinse off with clean water.
#5 - Apply a small amount of Pore Beauty Essence.

Result? Cool products as I can see a great improvement on my boyfriend's nose and he likes it alot! Plus, his blackheads are super stubborn to extract! But everything becaome easier after I remove the Step 1 Mask. After the whole pore masking process, the nose is feeling smoother and the pores are actually not expanding and reddish surface because of extraction. Cleaner pores for only 30 minutes, awesome!

Squeaky Clean Face!
A natural rice extract which were widely used in Javanese Imperial and other benificial ingredients help to remove wastes and dead skin cells and even some light make-up! Plus it provides nutrient and moisture.

Apply a proper amount of foam cleansing on damp hands. Massage face gently and rinse off with warm water.

Uh, uh, not only on hands but I did try to wash my face too. My skin feels tight after wash but you'll feel your skin is squeaky clean! Preferable apply your moisturizer or cream immediately after wash to avoid dryness. Skin needs water too babes! Somehow, my skin looks fairer after a one-time wash! Great!

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    1. Hi Ann, aiks, everyone has their own speciality, not meant to compare... You're good too!