Neubodi PINK Ensemble Party @ One Utama

Monday, November 04, 2013

Pink balloons were hanging around Neubodi One Utama last Tuesday which telling us that the Pink October campaign still never ends, I hope this event can be extended to benefit all of the women in needs too. 

Nadine Ann Thomas, the emcee of the day!
The alliance between Breast Cancer Welfare Association (BCWA) and Free The Girls Association: Fight Human Trafficking through Neubodi during the PINK month made an impactful awareness within Malaysian women. Touched by the campaign that explains how one woman’s old bra can put food on another woman’s table, Neubodi’s Bra Bin have been overflowed with kindness. 

Neubodi managed to tabulate 5361 brassieres within 27 days which means there were at least 28 brassieres donation within Neubodi’s seven outlets throughout the campaign. That is a true statement to the human heart!

One cute session were included during that event -- the monologue. Read by Ms Anushya Safira, Marketing and PR, Manager of Neubodi where Nadine introduced the three females. All three women were breast cancer survivors personified by models. The models were able to reenact the experience, and the pysche of the survivors to a point where some of the audience were so touched, they even teared.

Neubodi’s founder, Ms Anne Tan passing a mock cheque worth RM 5,739.00 from the campaign proceeds to Ms Tammy Walker-Tam from BCWA. 

Jenny Lau, the lucky SNAP & WIN winner for Neubodi’s Social Media contest during the campaign.

Lee Yvonne, Estee Ong, Tammy Walker-Tam, Anne Tan, Nadine Ann Thomas, Charlene Wong, Amber Chia, Wen Chiam

Two guests were completely satisfied with their new Neubodi bras!
In the end of the day, guests walked home with a pink fluff goodie bag packed with Neubodi’s treasures and some even took a “Neubodi Says” envelope for keep sake because they felt the saying hits close to home…

For more information on this exciting event, log on to Neubodi’s Facebook at or Neubodi’s website at

“PINK is pretty, PINK is bright. I made a decision to LIVE and FIGHT."

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