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Friday, November 15, 2013

Recently I received an email from a Portuguese girl named Marta and she stumbled into my blog, suggesting that wish to come up with several great reviews on clubbing spots in KL. I know there's a lot but I'm the one who loves to stick to ONLY-1-CLUB thingy and I don't really like to club-hopping. So let my new friend Marta do the speaking.

My name is Marta and I am a Portuguese girl living in Kuala Lumpur. I came here three months ago to pursue a job opportunity and I plan to stay some months more (or years, who knows?).

I have to confess that I follow the motto “work hard, party hard”. I lived both in Lisbon and Madrid (Spanish night scene is really something!!) and I had the chance to party in cities like London, Milan or Barcelona. When I decided to come to KL I was ready to slow down a bit, not only because it was a Muslim country where the alcohol is much more expensive but also because I was ready to get in a more serious professional challenge for the first time in my life. You know what?  That definitely did not happen:  It is so hard to resist to all the good, groovy, modern, cool clubs in KL!

Let me share my list of favorites so far (and I still have a long way to go)

Zouk: the classics!
Marta says:
Zouk is by far the club where I go more. Honestly it has the huge advantage that being foreign, I do not have to pay entrance till 1 a.m. (and going out all the weekends and sometimes week days can make a hole in your wallet!!). What more do I like about Zouk? The fact that it has several rooms that you can try during the night (you never get bored), in a smaller scale Zouk brings me back the memories of “Kapital” a club with 7 floors in Madrid! The music is good, the design modern and clean and it is a really popular club (see by the queue at the entrance). I recommend it, always! 

Ashley says:
My one and only club to go in KL. It opens until 5am, so I shall say this is the only club who opens that long period in KL / or in Malaysia! Plus, there are several genres of musics which I would like to share with you guys so you may get into your favourite room during weekends:-
Barsonic - Old School
Main Room - Trance / House / EDM / Dubstep
Phuture & Velvet - Club Hits / EDM
Aristo - Chilled / House

Marta says:
One word for Providence: Glamour! Before it opened it was already known as the new “premium nightlife experience” in KL and they did a good job stand by the high expectations! This is “the hit club” in Kuala Lumpur located at The Intermark.

What is my favorite thing about Providence?  The amazing DJs, coming from national and international night scene capable to turn any common night into an amazing experience (the only negative point is that it closes at 3 a.m.). This is not a mass club: the space is limited. Providence is perfect for a fancy, special night! (Let’s be honest, after spending two hours getting ready you deserve the best!)

Ashley says
My first impression was kind of spoiled during their opening launch party, I was not sure whether is the air-conditioned system is down or too crowded. But, to be honest, the DJ was really awesome and the entire ambience of the club really, really premium and classy!

The Pool
In my personal opinion, there is one word that defines the Pool: “Nutz” (or as they call it “Coco Nutz”), this amazing coconut cocktail that I can’t spend more than two weeks without!!  That is one of their strong points: the amazing selection of cocktails that will please everyone!
The space is another big plus: it is probably the only club in Kuala Lumpur (at least that I know) where you can go for a swim at 2 a.m. or just chill in the pool while drinking a cocktail.

Credit: andykho.com
Rootz (Lot10 Rooftop)
Trendy could define Rootz. Located in Bukit Bintang (a mandatory stop before hitting the clubs) this is mainly an R&B club. Wednesdays are my favorite days here: girls’ night which can be translated in lots of free drinks for the ladies! Rootz is a good club with good music; Just go prepared (and early to avoid huge lines), usually the temperature inside is really low!

It was really hard to choose about which clubs I would be talking about, with all the options out there, KL nightlife can definitely compete with the trendiest places in Europe!!

Hope to see you partying soon with us!!

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  1. your blog so cute Ashley! ^_^


  2. hehe, I'm still a newbie of clubbing, would take this review as my reference list next time! :D
    Btw, I just followed your blog, mind to follow mine too? *puppy eyes*
    With loves <3


    1. Hi Jane, I've followed yours dy! For me, Zouk is always my favourite spot!