KENZO Launches "Flower in the Air"

Thursday, November 14, 2013

I'm pretty sure that Flower by Kenzo fragrance is well known enough for its bottle. As for its scent, Kenzo’s new Flower in the Air fragrance looks set to become equally iconic. Not the tall narrow bottle, but short and chic, specially caters for urban working ladies and jazzy moms!

Flower by KENZO
In 2000, to embody this legendary flower, Alberto Morillas who being famous for his sensitivity as a man and his experience as a master perfumer composed the well-known powdery floral fragrance. 13 years later, KENZO wanted to offer a brand new fragrance to its emblematic flower. Once again Alberto Morillas was invited to give his interpretation of the scent of the poppy, and his desired dream towards the new poppy scent.

For this new perfume, Alberto Morillas wanted a fragrance that symbolises the multi-facetted women of today, surprising, tender and gentle but also passionate and sensual. He wanted this fragrance to personify a universal femininity in which every woman could find the reflection of her own femininity.

Juicy Raspberry and sparkling Pink Pepper enfold the note with a hint of elegant drapery. A voluptuous wisp of Magnolia and a brilliant Gardenia accent add a crowning touch to this flowing garment of scent.

Kenzo Flower In The Air Fragrances are now available at all the leading departmental stores and perfumeries.

Kenzo Flower In Air
KENZO FLOWER IN THE AIR EDP 30ML                        RM205
KENZO FLOWER IN THE AIR EDP 50ML                        RM286
KENZO FLOWER IN THE AIR EDP 100ML                      RM392

Celebrities such as Amber Chia, Cathryn Lee
, Chloe Chen, Joey Leong, Emily Lim, Agnes Lim and Alan Yun graced the event.

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