Hawaiian Luau Party by The Butterfly Project + Kinohimitsu

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Busted! Was being asked that am I losing my weight? Though I wanna keep it secret but this party forced me to say out loud -- the mighty Kinohimitsu J'pan Kiloscut and D'tox Tea Ginger.

Why? Because the Butterfly Project Malaysia is collaborating with Kinohimitsu to organized the party of the year for all Malaysia beauty bloggers - Hawaiian Luau Party! FYI, this is the last project for year 2013! How could I miss this?!?!

I don't really have much inspiration on how to pose my pic with Kinohimitsu products and then suddenly I saw this picture popped up on my computer screen -- I was accidentally hit the "shot" butten while thinking on how to strike a pose for entry. So I decided to use this!

Seeing those lenghty answers and posts from other bloggers are make me feel so stress but I've totally no clue to bullsh*t them out. So I'm gonna make it fun and short:

Why I wanna join the Luau Party? I wanna shake-shake my bobbies with coconut bras during this winter season; swing-swing my ass with the Hawaian skirt and wearing a flower hat at Villa Manja Spa! I can even dance! Muahaahaaa....

Dear Tammy and SWAT girls, please pick me because I never had a chance to join your party! Lemme in and feel the happiness! 

- Arigato-kozaimase -

In fact, as the product itself, I've loose at least 2kgs in just a box of 5 servings, can you know how amazing it is? Of course it doesnt mean you're granted to eat whatever you want. Keep a healthy lifestyle and eat light food can enhance the slimming result!

More information? Visit :-


Website : www.kinohimitsu.com

Butterfly Project

Hugs and Kisses
Ashley Yeen

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