Celebrate International Men's Day with Smashies Burger!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Smashies Burger has turned up the heat and infused a little “Macho-ness” into its programme in conjunction with International Men’s Day, which is on every 19th November, in a testorerone-infused event unlike any other.

Malaysia’s biggest burger sensation revved up its offering with a good ol’ fashioned no-holds-barred arm wrestling challenge, which saw a host of Malaysian bikers take on patrons of Smashies Burger in Setapak, who consider themselves “real men.” Patrons who beat the bikers at the challenge received their very own “Hot Chick” burger, proving yet again that a way to a man’s heart is truly through his stomach.

The bikers team from Harley Davison
Interior of Smashies Burger, Metro Genting
Smashies Burger, which opened its doors just recently, derives its name from the method by which their burgers are made – by smashing a ball of pure, ground beef on a grill, searing in its natural juices to lock in the patty’s natural flavours for that truly distinct taste. To add to the unique experience, the outlet’s burgers feature coloured buns, derived from all-natural ingredients. The names of Smashies’ burgers, too, are anything from ordinary with names like the "Annoying Orange" burger, "I’m Single" burger and the "My Mistress" burger, among others.

I'm Single!
Hot Chick!
For these and more exciting activities lined up at Smashies Burger, members of the public can visit the outlet’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/smashiesburger.

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