CASIO G-SHOCK Celebrates 30 Years of Timepiece Innovation with ‘SHOCK THE WORLD’ 2013 Tour in Malaysia

Monday, November 11, 2013

Designer Joe Chia, G-SHOCK Rep Yokoshima, Founder Kikuo Ibe, GM of Casio SG Hiroyuki Sezai, Deputy GM of Marco Corp Mr Lam Wai Khuen and Designer Irman Hilmi 
A global celebration makes its way to Malaysia to mark 30 years of G-SHOCK innovation featuring local talents and a night of music and dance. From New York, Berlin, Paris, to Tokyo and Dubai, the ‘SHOCK THE WORLD’ movement has brought together thousands of people since its inception in 2009 across continents and cultures to celebrate the brand and its legacy of trendsetting innovation in timepieces. 

These tough ‘indestructible’ watches, designed by Kikuo Ibe, Research and Development Chief Engineer of Casio Japan, have ultimately defined the brilliance of combining style and utility, along with superior craftsmanship.

Joe Flizzow
DJ Eva T
From BMX riders, surfers and snowboarders, G-SHOCK has played a key role in shaping the world’s various sports, arts, fashion and street cultures, making the brand a vital part of youth culture. Fans, celebrities and media were treated to a celebration featuring a multitude of talents from the movers and shakers of Malaysia, namely photographer VPYP, artist Julian Oh DJ Eva-T, An Honest Mistake, Lah Lah Land, Katoon Network and a special appearance by Joe Flizzow, SonaOne and Altimet.

Art installation piece by Vincent Paul Yong and Julian Oh

In an exclusive collaboration between G-SHOCK and two of Malaysia’s renowned designers in their respective fields of fashion and graphics, the event featured the unveiling of their limited edition stylized G-SHOCK watches, one designed by Malaysian fashion designer Joe Chia, known for his avant-garde styles and representations and the other by The Off Day’s Irman Hilmi, famous for his multi talents including various unique graphic designs with several local and international brands.

G-SHOCK  x  Joe Chia (G-SHOCK DW-6900 model)
“The inspiration behind the watch is parallel to that of our new our new SS14 Collections – Chapter03. Deliquescent, we say – to disappear as if by melting. With our signature monotonous colour palette and geometrical lines, we have created gradient and disappearance from basic lines, bringing a twist and modern edge to the ordinary melting scene.” – Joe Chia

G-SHOCK  x  Irman Hilmi (G-SHOCK GD 100 model)
The main motif is based on radio wavelengths of the first pulsar ever observed, then dubbed CP1919. Though the motif was famously used by Peter Saville for Joy Division’s ‘Unknown Pleasures’ album, the actual image itself came from an American scientific journal in 1971 which was published without a copyright.

The seemingly random motif has been made famous since, and various re-interpretations of it exists, with this watch being an obvious homage to the original image

Happy 30th Birthday to CASIO G-SHOCK!

Wearing Jo Chia's DW-6900 model!

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