[Tried and Tested] Skin79 Complete CC Cream - Correct

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Yipeee! Another CC Cream to review! I guess there's no need for me to repeat the difference and importance between BB and CC creams (or you may view it HERE) and let's get straight to the point. Posting up today is a magical CC Cream hailing all the way from Korea, through HiShop, to my house - SKIN79 Complete CC Cream - Correct.

Do allow me to brief you about SKIN79's CC Creams. There are two different types of CC creams with its own benefits and function. Both also comes along with it's super triple function which are:

Whitening, Wrinkle Improvement and UV Interception SPF25 / PA++

CC Cream Control - Light pink pearl colour texture. Highly benefits on brightening, lustrous skin and specially catered for dull, lusterless skin to improve a healthy, glowing skin.

So what about CC Cream Correct? It mainly corrects uneven skin tone and it's white-coloured texture inthe beginning and transformed into light beige once you start blending on your skin. Plus, it's give a perfect prime touch before you start your make-up.

Micro change capsule is adhered smoothly on the skin and covers main factors of skin imperfections and dullness. Light and fresh moisture formula gives rich moisture and Amino Soothing Complex for relaxing stressed skin makes elastic and healthy skin.

After your moisturizer and you may skip sun cream as it has SPF protection (that will be too much if you doubled-up) Apply it smoothly and make sure it's evenly spread. You won't feel it's too thick because the texture itself is very light.

I just did swatches on my hands and I can see the difference immediately! So please let the picture do the talking.

If you can notice, my original skin looks a lil bit reddish. The CC Cream even up my reddish tone and somehow it makes my skin looks flawless. I barely feel nothing on my skin after apply.

Secondly, in case you don't realized about that, SKIN79 products are actually has it's own product verification process to ensure the product's originality. The items received are sealed and the codes are lead-covered. All you have to do is to follow the simple steps given below:

Steps to verify your SKIN79 products:

Click on to http://hilife.hishop.my/skin79-beauty-tryout-what-are-cc-creams/ to know more.

Ashley's rating

Where to get it? Retails at RM99 each, you may purchase them online at HiShop as they've now giving out awesome promotions! 

Skin79 is currently running a 15% discount for CC Creams! Log on to http://www.hishop.my/skin79 for more information!

Exclusive RM20 rebate HSMASK
*with minimum purchase of RM99, valid until 30th November 2013

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  1. what a great review girl! and you customize the beauty verification picture your own, (unlike mine, just copy and paste *feeling guitly)

    1. Hi Ann,
      Er... just easy peasy.. I was doing all the picture stuff at first then only write them on the other day. You'll feel that's less fussy! I like yours too!