Timberland® Celebrates 40 Years of Craftsmanship + F/W 2013 Collection

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Timberland® pays tribute to the 40th anniversary of its iconic Timberland® Yellow Boot with a weeklong celebration that honours brand’s heritage of quality craftsmanship couple weeks ago.

It was a heavy rain and also a heavy event schedule as I had six events to attend but end up only four of them success. I was totally wet while heading back to my home with Charmaine all the way from Penthouse to Time Square. We’re totally wet. Kinda adventurous day right babe? You know I know… ha ha ha…

Timberland was collaborating with Art Misfits to showcase a new craft that represents the millennial generation. Consumers who purchased the Yellow Boots are able to personalize the iconic product with inspired art pieces permanently etched onto the Yellow Boots using a technique called Pyrography – a craft of painting with intense heat suitable for materials like genuine leather goods.

Meanwhile, Timberland also showcasing their Autumn / Winter Collection 2013 and all of the models are so charismatic and energetic! Not too formal yet it still kept the feel.

I’ve customized my own leather pouch with Pyrography, and it’s mine because I put my blogsite on! ALSO, their customized Yellow Boots USB is so cute!

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