THEFACESHOP Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Since December 2003, THEFACESHOP gets inspired by the nature and believes that the root of beauty comes from the nature., setting the motto as "Natural Story" since its establishment. And now, I'm able to be part of it to share the joy of this great event last week at Seventh Heaven, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

I'm glad to know that THEFACESHOP can be described as the first and the best cosmetic brand in every aspect. THEFACESHOP also making records to its brand endlessly and known as the "Record Breaker".

The Memory Lane of THEFACESHOP
Why does it say so? There are a few facts that we're hardly deny of:
- The pioneer of the market, no. 1 brand
- Launching of innovative and mesmerizing products
- First cosmetic brands who select male model / ambassador (Bae Yong-Jun, Jun Ji-Hyun & Kin Hyun-Joong)

Left to Right: Derella Khor, Ya Qin and Audrey Loke
Meanwhile, THEFACESHOP also proudly introduce the Malaysian T.O.P Girls 2013 winners to share their first hand experience being part of the T.O.P Girls locally and internationally. You know what? I've bumped into one of my secondary school friends which is also one of the T.O.P Girls 2013 winners! 
Grand Winner - Ya Qin
1st Runner-up - Audrey Loke
2nd Runner-up - Derella Khor 

BIMA Kelly Chen & Amelyn Tay (training & sales support manager)
That's not all, THEFACESHOP Malaysia also crowed with the honour as Kelly Chen from THEFACESHOP Queensbay Mall, Penang is chosen as one of the Best International Make-up Artist (BIMA) Awards!

That's not all, THEFACESHOP also anounces its new brand ambassador - SUZY!!
The 19-year-old girl is the South Korea's new hottest female celebrity known as the sweetheart for almost all Korean man! 

To celebrate it's 10th magnificent year, THEFACESHOP is having a great scale of in-store promotions globally in the month of October! One of the main highlights is their limited edition set of 5 full-sized THEFACESHOP's historical mega hit products! Retailing at RM230 (non-member) and RM190 (member)

Happy 10th Birthday to THEFACESHOP!
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