SOL Republic & V-MODA Launches in Malaysia

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Committed to changing the world one listener at a time, SOL REPUBLIC & V-MODA announced that its entire line of groundbreaking new headphones are now available at major retailers across Malaysia. Design crowd sourced by the collective brain trust of audiophiles, editors, producers, and DJs brings to life the most versatile headphones ever!

Featuring a groundbreaking modular design, SOL REPUBLIC headphones deliver a uniquely superior sound signature, with a fashion-forward look and the convenience of a remote and mic for today’s music lover. 

Here are some features of SOL REPUBLIC:
- Great sound meets affordability 
- World’s first fully interchangeable/modular headphones to feature incredible sound, style and durability 
- Designed for personal style, Tracks & Tracks HD offer swappable “Sound Track” headbands 
- Sound Track headbands are virtually indestructible, developed from SOL REPUBLIC’s proprietary new polymer FlexTech™ 
- Extra-wide and lightweight ear cushions for comfort 
- The Tracks use advanced SOL REPUBLIC V8 Sound Engine that produces great bass and eliminates noise distortion and is available in Black, White and Red 
- Tracks HD uses advanced V10 HD Sound Engine that offers even deeper lows, crisp vocals, clearer highs, and is available in Black, Red and White, purple and blue. 

Now available at all major electronic/headphone retailers
SOL REPUBLIC Tracks will be retailing at RM470
Tracks HD will be retailing at RM620
Tracks deadmau5 will be retailing at RM700
Tracks Ultra will be retailing at RM850
SOL REPUBLIC Master Tracks XC Headphones will be retailing at RM1,100 

Deadmau5! Did you see that?

I'm holdig the SOL REPUBLIC + Motorola DECK Wireless Speaker!

V-MODA, the multi-platinum selling designer of headphones trusted by the pros and elite, announces the highly-anticipated M-100 headphones designed by and for mobile music enthusiasts. V-MODA uniquely crowd-sourced the input of hundreds of audiophiles, journalists, producers and renowned DJs around the globe after news of M-100 first leaked online. Rather than abolishing the information, V-MODA embraced it and openly interacted on forums and social networks which ultimately transformed into a platform of crowdsourced product development.

Features of V-MODA:

M-100    |    RM1240
50mm Dual-Diaphragm Drivers (patent-pending) 
• No batteries or artificial sound processing 
• CLIQFOLD folding hinge (patent-pending) 
• Dual Inputs with V-CORK seals (patent-pending) 
• Exoskeleton case 
• Two Kevlar-reinforced cables 
• Universal SpeakEasy microphone cable for Apple iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows 
• SharePlay extended audio cable 

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