Pick Your Favourite Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Kuah Jenhan, Carmen Soo, Diana Danielle, Farid Kamil, Joe Flizzow, Gan Mei Yan, Jeff Chin

Like Cadbury? Pick your favourite and celebrities too! Gathered with top local celebrities, Malaysia’s leading chocolate brand Cadbury Dairy Milk, unveiled a new campaign looking for the nation’s favourite Cadbury Dairy Milk flavour fronted by popular local celebrities.

Aisyah Sinclair, emcee of the day

Top celebrities and fans of Cadbury Dairy Milk Diana Danielle, Farid Kamil, Carmen Soo, Soo Wincci, Gan Mei Yan, Jeff Chin, Joe Flizzow, Nur Fazura and Kuah Jenhan shared joyful stories about their favourite flavours at the event, each championing their favourite to be picked Malaysia’s top flavour. The next two weeks are going to be exciting for fans as each of the celebrities update their followers on what they’re getting up to with their favourite flavours and how they’re faring in the polls. The celebrities will also have a few surprises along the way so stay tuned by following them on their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

The Cadbury Dairy “Pick Your Favourite” campaign runs from 14 October to 28 October. Chocolate fans would need to visit www.facebook.com/CadburyDairyMilk to select their favourite flavour. Fans are also encouraged to use the hashtag #pickmyfavourite and the @CadburyMY handle in social media.
The country’s favourite flavour will be announced on the last day of voting.

I've interviewed Jeff Chin from MY FM about his strategy to earn votes. He said that he'll use the MLM strategy! Spread the information and attract more votes to him! I can see that's quite a brilliant idea.

Tried their Chocolate Martini - AWESOME!
Original Cadbury Chocolate Fondue, tastes super rich!

Pick your favourite now!
So what's your favourite? Vote for your favourite celebrities and also make your chocolate choice! For me, I always craving for the Original Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate!

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  1. woah, want the cadbury chocolate too!

    visit to my blog : https://lemonteaicenia.blogspot.com

    1. Ain Nia, it ended up that everybody loves the original milk chocolate!!