My Monday's Window Shopping Haul

Monday, October 07, 2013

It's not a Monday blues for me! Although it's the last day of Beauty Expo 2013 located at KLCC Hall 2 to Hall 6, here's what I've got while window shopping and surveyed around the entire expo earlier this morning.

Was hanging out with Kimberley and Jess, or should I say I've bumped into them, I had a great chat with them! There were quite a few places hanging around with Kimberley and Jess, from KLCC to Pavilion KL.

So here's what I have in my bag without spending a single penny on inside and outside the expo!

1. Rubber Hand Bracelets and Badges
I was bumped into a campaign and they were giving some free pinkish badges in conjunction with Pink October celebration!

2. Shiseido's Ibuki Series Trial Kit
How did I get that? From Cleo Malaysia October Issue. Somehow the trial gifts are so limited as I only managed to get them on my third Shiseido store at the same day.  
Ibuki Purifying Cleanser (RM115 for 125ml)
- An invirograting scrub that safely removes imourities and excess surface cells.
Ibuki Sonftening Concentrate (RM160 for 75ml)
- A concentrated softener that penetrates quickly and deeply to build the skin's resistance by filling it with moisture. Also enhance the effect of moisturizer.
Ibuki Refining Moisturizer (RM175 for 75ml)
- Fundamentally improve visible pores, breakouts and skin roughness caused by dryness, for long-lasting effects and a smoother, more refined skin texture.

3.WELCOS Samples
A series of beauty organic products imported from Korea and I received a few samples from them for tryout!
- Confume Argan Treatment Hair Pack
- Oreintal Rose Shower Gel
- Treatment Essense

4. Clarins Double Serum Complete Age Control Concentrate
A 2-in-1 serum whicn combines Hydric and Lipidic System and brings you the most effective anti-aging serums for daily routine, to achieve a glowing and youngr skin!

5. Echosline Hair Care
A range of hair care made by natural ingredients from Italy. Argan is one of their signature elements on their hair care range.
Nourishing Mask with Argan Oil
- Nourishes and restore elasticity to leave hair full of life, easy to comb and silky soft.
Nourishing Shampoo with Argan Oil
- Linseed oil and Silk Proteins. Cleanses to leave hair briliant and silky soft. Ideal for damaged, treated, dull, and lifeless hair.

6. Novostrata Regeneration Emulsion
A range of BioCollagen Cosmeceuticals which uses the most advanced collagen based anti-aging skincare to rebuild skin cells and leave skin looks younger.

That's not all. I was attending the BioThik's hair care event which newly launched in Malaysia (actually BioThik is quite famous overseas). Here are some products that I received. Can't wait to try them out!

1. Scalp Cleansing Foam II (RM85 for 200ml)
- Specially and scientifically designed for danfrudd and oily scalp

2. Hair Texture Protector (RM75 for 200ml)
- You may treat it as your conditioner. Scientifically formulated for conditioning hair without greasy problem

3. Hair Building Fiber (Dark Brown)
- Scientifically formulated to add volume to existing hair instantly.

That's what I got for today. It feels great! xoxo!

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