Kiss Me Beach Party @ Sunway Lagoon

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Woots! What a awesome Saturday, I was invited by Wendy, one of my blogger friend to this Kiss Me Beach Party last week. Too bad I was only able to join half of the event because I need to rush back my hometown around 12-ish... Lucky I still able to play some games and explore my first adventure in Sunway Lagoon (shhh... this was m first visit to Sunway Lagoon).

Honestly, this is the largest beauty bloggers event so far and with some other loyal Kiss Me customers! While waiting people to arrive at the Surf Beach entrance, we've took a couple of pictures.
Make-up: Waterproof Mascara, Heavy Rotation Gel Liner and Liquid Liner
We're then led into Surf Beach area to keep our valuable stuff and followed by gathering area. Two rows of table were ready for us with a couple of Kiss Me products - they all are waterproof! I guess there was some purpose on that: to prove all of us that Kiss Me beauty products are REALLY WATERPROOF!

Then, we're giving several tasks to fully play around Sunway Lagoon. Firstly, started with hunting Kiss Me brand new sunblock creme in the pool area. Rane was representing our team! After that, the full adventure started with 7 remaining tasks.

Ohh ya! forget to introduce our team members: Wendy, Rane, Carmen and me! We are OCTOPUS TEAM - no point, that's the only name we would ever thought of... =.=

1. Kayak Rafting - We were led to "kayak" area - That's the only game I won't get wet. We've completed rafting the "8" shape effortlessly within 3 minutes! Pretty fast right!

2. Wildlife Creatures - I SCREAMED once I saw cockcroach and we're required to take scrabble tips from the case. Lucky they helped me to put the scrabble tip on top and away from the cockraches so I can take them out immediately.

3. 360 Degrees Pirate Boat. @.@ Super phobia for this and only Rane and Wendy can make it. I'm really impressed to their courages! All of us were gazed upon the pirate boat and see how they spin... Can't believe it changed to 360 degree turnover!

 4. 5D Cineplex - What a long queue. But we're smart enough to offer ourself to make other thing for alternatives! HA - HA - HA!

+  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +

Too bad my time is up and I have to leave this awesome events. But let's see what happens next from these pictures...

After the task ends, we're all back to clean and change into pretty dresses and get fully pampered! Manicure, make-up, hairdos... Feel like we're all been treated like a princess!

 Look at JQ! Awesome!

Goodies! We're not taking home with empty hands!
Super deals when we purchase Kiss Me products on that day!
Can't believe we actually won consolation prize! Well done Rane, Wendy and Carmen!
Group Photo Session!
Here's the end of Kiss Me Beach Party @ Sunway Lagoon. Feel not enough for these pictures? Click on to Kiss Me Malaysia Facebook Page and there are hundreds of photos awaits you to view and tag! Thank you Kiss Me Malaysia!

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