[REVIEW] First-Time Experience of STRIP's Chocolate Berry Wax + September Promo

Sunday, September 08, 2013

STRIP, is a global and established established brand with a string of 35 uniquely designed stores, STRIP: Ministry Of Waxing has come a long way since it started in 2002, thanks to its mantra – HSQ (Hygiene, Speed and Quality). It is this quest for Quality that has resulted in STRIP’s Chocolate Berry Wax, the store’s most popular wax. It founded in Singapore and now has spreaded to London, Shanghai, New York, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Manila and Jakarta.

Quality being the core of this delightful chocolate and berry scented concoction, this hard wax is a popular choice for STRIP’s signature wax treatment – the Brazilian and Boyzilian treatments. The deliciously fragrant chocolate coloured hard wax is extremely pliable and is able to remove hair as short as 1mm. So smooth is this wax that it can be spread thinly and evenly, allowing it to dry very quickly and prevents the discomfort that can be caused by the tugging of hair strands due to uneven drying rate. The low melting point of this Chocolate Wax makes it a comfortable temperature to be applied to the skin, and as such, it is excellent for sensitive areas such as the Brazilian, Boyzilian and Underarm.

True to the mantra of Hygiene, Speed and Quality, STRIP is unwavering in its No Double Dipping policy, and takes great pride in giving out Personal Hygiene Packs to each and every Brazilian and Boyzilian customer. These pre-sealed parcels are portions of tools needed for each treatment, further assuring guests that at STRIP you do get the most hygienic practice in town, at no extra cost!

STRIP Bangsar's Treatment Room
STRIP Bangsar's Interior Environment
My Review
To be honest, I'm a wax virgin. I don't have the habit to shave my private part as long as I maintain the hygiene using feminine wash and putting sanitary pad everyday. But sometimes I have to admit that it brings discomfort when I'm wearing tight jeans or skirt.

I would like to thank STRIP for giving me this opportunity to have my first full Brazilian Hard Wax. It was a wonderful first-hand experience and I'm pretty sure that I've made my mind - continue to "groom" my private part. But I guess I'll still save a lil bit hair down there *awkward*

I had my STRIP moments at Bangsar branch. The environment are seriously relaxed and calm. I spotted an "orang utan" plush toy sitting at the bench.

Clear information and instruction has given by the STRIP's representative before and after my treatment. Basically the preferred time to wax your private part is the week before or after your menstrual period. It is because the skin might be more sensitive during that moment. Also, please DO NOT rub or scratch after you've done waxing, especially for wax virgin to avoid irritation and redness.

Does it pain?
The pain is still bearable, maybe because I've experienced brow waxing before and I roughly know how it feels. During my whole 20-minute treatment, I'm glad that my waxpert, Penny was trying her best to talk with me to ease my mood (I'm so nervous that time!). She cued me everytime when she want to "strip" my hair and keep on praising me that I'm a brave girl. I understand that some women might be screaming of pain or even stop the process at the halfway. I'm really satisfy with the service and I was really, really enjoyed my first-time Brazilian Wax.

Personal Hygiene Pack Wall
Oh ya! They're having promotion for Chocolate Berry Wax now! Enjoy the full Brazilian Hard Wax at only RM88 (NP RM114.50) and Boyzilian Hard Wax (for men) at only RM98 (NP RM149) until 30th September 2013. This exclusive promotion is open to all for one time redemption!

Feel free to call for appointment at any STRIP outlets nationwide!
STRIP Bangsar  |  03-2283 6092 / 94 / 96
STRIP Sunway Pyramid  |  03-5621 5119 / 6119 
STRIP Solaris Dutamas  |  03-6207 9012 / 9013
STRIP The Curve  |  03-7726 5119
STRIP Penang  |  04-2287835 / 36

If you want to know more about STRIP, kindly log on to STRIP's Official Website or STRIP Malaysia's Facebook Page

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