Patriotism! XALF Designs Presents "The Malaysian"

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Nizam Arifin, Karmen Khor, Anna Chong, Alfred Hor, Xavier Mah, Datin Reiss Tiara, Winnie Loo & Jan Choong
In conjunction with the celebration of Malaysia’s 56th Independence Day, the duo of Xavier Mah and Alfred Hor decided that they would pay tribute with two lovingly handcrafted editions to celebrate the momentous occasion.

Like its namesake, The Malaysian 1957 and The Malaysian 1963 is an apt proponent of patriotism, which centred on the colours of the national flag and its symbolic gesture of nationalistic pride.

The Malaysian is a godsend to the fashion forward looking to make an impression. Take the idea of our Malaysian  flag and colours and literally turning on its head with XALF’s blend of  symbolic  trend-setting style, and  viola! A limited edition of 56 that will  augment your nationalistic stance come Merdeka.

As a home grown label, XALF has endeavoured to create two patriotic hybrids that are pay homage to 56 years of independence, unity, peace and harmony. Hand-crafted with genuine leather  for a  refined look and feel, modern aesthetics spreads the celebratory spirit with an ultra-sleek expression of customising finesse.

The Malaysian is a limited edition run of 56 pairs and comes with a card indicating its manufactured date and an exclusive shoe box. And fittingly, Lotus roadsters in yellow, red, white and blue took to the tarmac and made doughnuts by spinning in concentric circles as the unveiling took place.

The Malaysian 1957   |   RM1,450
A fine example of elegance and discretion, XALF’s The Malaysian 1957 advocates a love of God and country of the highest order. Never shy from experimenting with a five-inch pump that boasts the colours of the Malaysian flag, white coloured lines etched into a body of red is accentuated with yellow piping and a sparkling blue heel – a signature look that is a guaranteed head-turner.

The Malaysian 1963   |   RM2,050
It is true that women can get fastidious about footwear, but  blasé when it comes to its inspiration. In 1963, Malaysia solidified its presence on the world map, hence an East and West collaboration deserves a purposeful stride in a three-and-a-half- inch pointy yellow number that also celebrates 56 years of independence with ‘5’ and ‘6’ deliberately coated with blue Swarovski crystals. Ornamental Swarovski can also be found as a whimsical touch on the red and white heel.

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