Tuesday, September 10, 2013

JOY Ambassador Chui Ling and Sharifah Shahirah with P&G Members Seng Jone and Sweta Mehra
Calling upon Malaysians to join and spot the glamorous moment this Saturday! JOY, the world’s leading dishwashing detergent by P&G is in an attempt to break the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® title for the longest line of washed plates in the world. Serving with the FREE plates of Nasi Lemak and collecting them back for washing using a single bottle of JOY (800ml). This event starts from 12pm onwards on 14th September 2013 (Saturday) at Bukit Jalil National Stadium.

That’s not all, more excitement for the public, the organizer are also looking for ONE lucky person who can guess the exact / nearest amount of washed plates using only a bottle of JOY. If you are the one, you’ll win shopping vouchers of that exact amount you’ve guessed. Isn’t it awesome?

Mark this date, people!
Date: 14th September 2013 (Saturday)
Time: 12pm onwards
Venue: Bukit Jalil National Stadium

There will be a lot of fun outdoor activities and celebrities performance on stage! Plus, join the eating nasi lemak challenge as well!

From Left: Percival Cruz (Senior Researcher), R&D Helper, Chui Ling, Seng Jone (P&G Comm. Manager), Sweta Mehra (JOY Ass. Mkt Director), Sharifah Shahirah and Kimiko Yamamura

So, what’s JOY?
JOY, is the world’s leading dishwashing detergent introduced by P&G and its set to invading Malaysian market. Through superior product technology and innovation, JOY goes the extra mile in your kitchen with 5-times more grease-cutting and malodour-tackling cleaning power without plates needing a rewash.

What makes it so amazing? It lies in its Smart Surfactant. It only takes a single wonder drop of JOY to cut through even 100% grease, resulting in cleaner, shinier dishes and fasten your dishwashing speed.

R&D Representative Kimiko Yamamura explaining the functions of JOY
I’ve spotted how amazing it was when the testimonial has been done during the event. R&D personnel from P&G Global Dish Care has demonstrated the “Fingertip Dip Test”, pitting a drop of JOY against five leading competitors in a bowl of oil, and the grease has been pushed towards the edge of plates in just a blink of an eye! This is so powerful!
3 recent scent of JOY are available now

JOY comes with 3 different scents and it’s 100% environment-friendly and it won’t cause sensitivity to our hands. Wanna get one of these? JOY will be available in major supermarkets in October 2013. But first, don’t forget to join their upcoming event this Saturday!

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  1. Free nasi lemak at my college lolz

    1. Ahahaha.. yeah, jom makan there lor.. which college are you from?