[FOOD REVIEW] A Night of Gastronomic Delights with Kronenbourg 1664 @ Circus Pavilion KL

Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Malaysia International Gourmet Festival (MIGF) is just around the corner! Hosted by Kronenbourg, I was invited to join the blogger food pairing session named "A Night of Gastronomic Delights with Kronenbourg 1664" at Circus, Pavilion KL. Seriously, this is the first time I stepped into this restaurant and lotsa question marks popped up in my mind and wondering what to eat later - cause I'm so damn hungry that day!

Hmm, let me look around the environment. And yeah, quite a good place to chill and relax...

Do allow me to crap a lil bit before I proceed. Firstly I don't even know that there will be a food pairing session and I'm really, really, noob at fine dining. My perception of "food" is - to fill up my tummy, tastes good and reasonable price. So, thankfully Michelle invited me and here's something new for me to try. I grabbed my friend Angus (he can take good photos) to join along with this event. All of us were mingle around while waiting for food to be served! We get to know each other better!

** done crapping **

The Kronenbourg 1664 Beer-Inspired Cuisine only served for limited time upon advanced booking, and the entire dining course designed by David Caral, the Executive Chef at Circus Restaurant. I'm really honoured that he was actually cooking inside the kitchen and fully took care of our menus! You may get yourself a 3 Course Menu for RM125++ or 5 Course Meal for RM185++ per person.

Amuse Bouche (a.k.a "bite-sized")
Crispy Risotto Pearl with Calrsberg Green Label
- I knew "Risotto" means "rice" in Italian, but what I've couldn't imagine was they actually wrapped it into a ball size and deep-fried it. I can smell the fresh rice scent and it's so creamy! Paired up with the Carlsberg Green Label can actually brought up the risotto pearl and taste even better! Sip it, bite it, and sip it again!

Peruvian Ceviche of White Fish with Asahi Super Dry
- My most favourite dish for the menu! I love something sour and slightly spicy to boost my eating mood. Based with ice crushes was making the ceviche taste even fresher and seriously, I love it very much! It's a lil bit spicy and sour, that's why Asahi Super Dry played its role to neutralized the flavours.

Watercress, Orange and Avacado Salad with Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc
- Yay, how could a course menu served without a salad? Paired with a citrus-based Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc which more ladylike flavoured, it's actually blends well with a filling and colourful salad. I hope to eat a few more plates for this!

Main Course
French Style Roasted Chicken Breast with Portobello Mushroon French Bean and Baby Carrots with Kronenbourg 1664
- Speaking about the portion by itself, it might be too little for me (I can eat alot, that's why I'm growing). But it's quite okay if it's under a course menu. I'm not a huge fan of eating chicken breast (instead of chicken thigh and drumstick if I order any chicken-based meal) cause it seems a lil bit too "hard" for me to cut. But, the grilled aroma of the chicken was actually quite catchy and it attracted my attention. Paired with the original Kronenbourg 1664, it somehow able to brought out the smell of spices of the grilled chicken and it filled around my mouth.

** My face was getting red now...**

Tartefine of Crispy Thin Apples with Vanilla Ice Cream & Cinnamon Sauce with Somersby Apple Cider
- Cinnamon! Apples! Vanilla Ice Cream! All are my favourite and I'm so happy that I can eat them all in one dish, and it's perfectly blend with Somersby Apple Cider. And you know what, I was actually treating it as an apple juice =.=

This is Hops! A primary ingredient that used in a beer! and you won't see them in Malaysia as it tends to grow in a seasonal countries. Unfortunately the shelf life of hops are quite short, that's why you may spot some dried out parts of the hops.

 Yeah, all of us were enjoying the dinner... yum yum! 

In house magician was playing magic tricks with each of us! It's really amazing and I'm really impressed with his skills!

That's not all, the big boss was actualy buying all of us some spicy liquor shots and some flavoured juleps - minty julep and raspberry julep! Ohh.. I can't take it anymore and I pushed it to my friend (my face was EXTREMELY RED). I was sipping every beer for the whole night with every dishes and I couldn't finish all of them because I'm allergy to buckwheat alcohol drinks.

Jonathan and Michelle and David Caral
Snap snap with the Chef!
I really thanked Kronenbourg and Circus KL for hosting us in such a GASTRONOMIC NIGHT! It was lovely and fun! The lovely event ended with a group photo session!

Feel like trying them now? Call Circus KL for booking now!
Location: Level 3 (Right next to The Pressroom / Opposite My.News.com or The Coffee Bean)
Phone Number: +603 2141 6151

About David Caral
Hailing from Barcelona, Spain and with an illustrious 18-year resume under his apron, he boasts the hallmarks of a culinary artist extraordinaire. His vast experience and immense talent has brought him to some of the world's culinary capitals and also the priviledge of working under Michelin Star giants, Sergi Arola and Nobu Matsuhisha.

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  1. Interesting dishes you had there :)

    1. Thank you Ken, it was really interesting and fun!

  2. i never did beer pairing before... seems interesting! :)

    1. Ya, go ahead! It's really something new for me!