Elysyle Cristal Angels with Swarovski Elements by Elken

Saturday, September 07, 2013

I used to wear the bodysuit and girdle produced by Elken Malaysia, one of the leading MLM companies' innerwear range. This time, they'll gonna make it even confortable, even better, more elegant.

Elysyle Cristal Angels is a limited collection of lingerie that is intricately perfected by the finest crystal from Swarovski Elements, a premium brand of crystal by the famous Austrian crystals maker, Swarovski.

Used by many designers in the world to give that final glamorous touch to their works, Swarovski Elements have provided great amplitude to many inspirations. Elken is delighted to join the rnaks of those celebrated designers by using this glamorous embellishment to give Elysyle Cristal Angels that accomplished elegance.

Hand stiched to perfection, the Elysyle Cristal Angels collection employs the latest body shaping technology along with the finest materials to enhance a woman's silhouette. As a whole, garments in the Cristal Angels collection aim to give every woman a sexy cleavage, a clinched waistline, a properly lifted posture and ultimately a refined and sophisticated body contour.

Models with Nadia Ann Thomas, Emmeline Ng, and Lee Yvonne
Plus, the straps are easily adjustable, convenient and confortable to wear. The cuttings are also very detailed and beautiful, the power-net material made with a tripod-shaped thread allows maximum moisture absorption while promoting ventilation.

There is a piece of Elysyle Cristal Angels for all occations, both formal and casual. The limited collection also incdludes a bridal series that is exquisitely made for any wedding ensemble.

Elysyle Cristal Angels are priced between RM3,185 and RM4,870. Please visit www.elken.com for more information.

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