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Sunday, September 01, 2013

STURMANSKIE written in Russian
Last week, I was invited to a very special get-together to discover one of the timepieces brand in Red Army Watches - Sturmanskie at Zang Toi Cafe, Pavilion KL. Well, this is someting fresh for me cause I'm not really know much about watches like guys. =)

The history...
The first models of the watches were released in year 1949. The devices for the time calculation were intended for the Air Force of the Soviet Union and they were not available for the mass sale. The precise and reliable chronographs were issued to the crews of the flying units, the graduates of the military flight and navigational schools. The professional tools allowed the crew to aynchronize the readout of the chronographs, and during the flight to perform a cencerted joint action. Watch Sturmanskie overcame gravity and demonstrated the excellent work in the conditions of the weightness.

Customize it into stainless steel straps!

Nowadays, there were several theme series are available now. I'm glad that the Red Army Watches Company's reps Julianna and Soemantri were introducing and explaining one by one in detail. It's really easy to understand the features and functions of the timepiece to the newbies like me.

Red Army Watches' rep is explaining about the brand
The price range of the Sturmanskie watches are reasonable, ranging from RM600 to RM9,000 and most of their models comes with limited numbers. The design of the watches are basically casual but also classy at the same time. It has laso become one of the favourite brands for the collectors. They've promised to give their best after-sales service as well.

For more information, you may drop by to any of Red Army Watches' outlets or visit

Did you spot the difference of the watch I hold on the picture above? It's the Open Space series where's the quartz spins 24-hour each round, not like the ordinary one which is 12 hours one circular.

Open Space series: it's 24 hours per round!
Had a light refrestment during the event!

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