Celeb Lash by Celeb Beauté™

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Inspired by the glamour lifestyle and gorgeous look of the celebrities, Celeb Beauté™ products are carefully designed to enhance the beauty of individuals. By offering a brand of quality beauty accessories to everyone, Celeb Beauté™ aspire to ensure every woman has access to the latest beauty products used on red carpet, catwalks and in films, helping you to develop your unique celebrity self and keep you looking stunning in and off the spotlights.

Celeb Lash intensifies and adds depth to your eyes with these high-drama, professional-quality lashes. You may create a different look everytime, everyday and every night with Celeb Lash. Their revolutionary lashes creates beautiful eyes instantly.

Here are some of the patterns which are beauty junkie's favourite picks! Each lash pattern has their own celebrity name. But they've only appeared as their front name, so I assume they are....

 CBL04 - Natalie Portman (RM19.80)

CBL05 - Jennifer Lopez (RM19.80)

CBL06 - Megan Fox (RM19.80)

CBL07 - Kim Kardasian (RM19.80)

CBL08 - Christina Aguilera (RM19.80)

CBL021 - Alicia Keys (RM22.80)

All of the false lashes are hand-made and gives you natural look! Achieve your celebrity-like beauty with Celeb Lash!

Retailing between RM19.80 - RM22.80Celeb Lash is exclusively retails at SHINS Store nationwide. View http://www.celebbeaute.com for more information! Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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  1. Do a make up review on this fake eye lashes dear! Cant wait to see the result!

    1. Hi Jacqueline, I'll do it one by one soon okay? ^^