BCL's Kawaii Make-Up Workshop

Sunday, September 15, 2013

I was kind of excited once I received this workshop invitation cause I'm really keen for Beauty Creative Lab (BCL)'s make-up stuffs! Plus, I felt honoured to attend this workshop because they've invited BCL make-up team all the way from Japan to teach and share with us the real make-up trend among Japanese girls.
Too bad I didn't make it to Mandom Malaysia's office so I've chose the alternative, Circus KL. Great ambience, awesome daylight and relaxed mood to learn new stuff!

There are 4 recent make-up looks and they've categorized them into 4 major cities in Japan:

Shibuya Girl - Cool and Confident
More like a trendy boutique staff in Aoyama area. Monotone, Stylish and Chic clothings does a better job with drawing a pair of sharp and impressive eyeline. Preferably for girls who has black hair.

Harajuku Girl - Pop and Sweet
They love to pair their casual and colourful outfits with accessories, and it looks like a cute and young teenage girl. Gradational eye shadow is one of the key features for the look.

Akihabara Girl - Dolly and Natural
Owned a bobbed hair? Then you'll gonna love this! It mainly focus on natural make-up and they love anime and toy characters.

Yokohama Girl - Fairy and Elegant
Compared to other 3 cities, Yokohama girls are love to be more feminine and they love luxurious stuff. So their make-up will be thicker and they love airy and curled long hair.

Okay, Mr Tanabe, our make-up artist demonstrated on how to be as kawaii as Harajuku Girl! And I'm effin ready to start this! Miss Yuko (left) is the translator of the very event, although she's from Japan but she has been allegedly "localized" 

Step 0: Foundation comes first! We're using the BCL's Clearlast Face Powder. The texture are pretty fine and it enhance your skin to become flawless. Available in Mat Orcher or Shiro-Hada Orcher (White and Brilliant), and I'm using the pink one (Mat Orcher) is my base. 

Step 1: Brow! Although I don't often put on full make-up but I can't step out my house without drawing my eyebrow. It's the essential part to make yourself look energetic and being confident. Mr Tananbe also taught us the correct ways to define our eyebrow and draw it right. Some of us might be confused and he actually went around our table and taught us one by one patiently! Impressive! The tools? BCL's Browlash EX W Eyebrow Pencil & Liquid.

It has a small puff on top the tip for easy blending and drawing
Swatches: Light Brown (Shadow Pen in Pink) and Bronze Brown (Shadow Pen in Light Blue)
Step 2: Eye Shadow! The packaging of their eyeshadow actually hung up my curiosity, the BCL's Makemania Data Gradation Tip Shadow - because they come with a pencil look. For Harajuku look, we're preferred to use the Light Brown tone (the shadow tip pen in Pink) to draw on our eyelids and blend them well. Seriously, I was amazed that the colours was so easy to apply and it blends evenly around my eyelids.

Makemania Data Pencil Gel Liner (Deep Brown / Jet Black)
Step 3: Eyeliner! They're 2 types of eyeliner with 2 different shades each. Whether you like to draw in liquid-based eyeliner (Browlash EX Water Strong Liner) or pencil gel liner (Makemania Data Pencil Gel Liner) which are waterproof and smudgeproof.

Step 4: Mascara! Complete your eye make-up by coating up some mascaras on your eyelashes! Mr Tanabe shared to us that mostly Japanese girls are using all three of their mascaras to achieve the volume, long and curly eyelashes. Wow! Unbelievable! But for me, I'll be not able to wear my glasses once I apply eyelashes (I have a pair of long eyelashes!)

I tried to put all three of them on my eyelashes and I was glad that Mr Tanabe praised that I have a great mascara application skills! Yay!
- Browlash EX Volume Lash Fiber (200% Volume) - Deep Pink (first coat)
- Browlash EX Curler Express (Curl type) - Light Pink (second coat)
- Browlash EX Lash Sclupture (130% long) - Red (third coat)

Step 5: Lips! Get ready for a sexy lips? BCL's Makemania Data Essence Rouge Gloss can plump up your lips and looks juicier and hydrated. Unfortunately it's not yet available in Malaysia.

Well, besically I've done my Harajuku Look, see..

I'm syok-sendiri now..Or you want to compare with a before and after look?
Before and After make-up
One more thing! There's one more amazing beauty items presented by BCL, the Tsuburi Ghassoul Paste. It's an gentle exfoliator whi ch able to use daily and removes natural make-up as well! Don't freak out with its greyish texture because it actually smells good, like fresh floral scent. 

The BCL Kawaii Make-Up Workshop has oficially comes to an end 2 hours later, and believe me, time flies quite fast. But I'll never forget to take a picture with the REAL Harajuku Girl (model) and Mr Tanabe!

Want to know more about BCL? Check out their BCL Malaysia's Facebook for more updates.

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