Tech Kaiju Arena: Ninetology U9 Blogger’s Review Program

Friday, August 02, 2013

Organized by Ninetology, this program is mainly to promote transparent blogger as part of Ninetology’s yearlong ethical and responsible blogging initiative that will go hand in hand with sharing the latest information, both Ninetology phones and other competitor brands.

Campaign period starts on 12th August until 31st December 2013 with different themes for 30 days. Selected bloggers will also need to include the Ninetology banner which works as a link to a subscription form for Ninetology’s newsletter.

Ninetology'd Wall of Pledge
  1. Register with Samuel Lee – email contact: with your Name, Blog URL, Email, Contact Number and the units which you wish to loan; 1x Ninetology Device + 1x Other Latest Mobile Brand available
  2. Wait for a call from Ninetology to confirm the collection venue of the loan units which will ONLY be within Klang Valley.
  3. During the collection day, you are required to sign a T&C Loaning form which requires you to be liable for any lost or damage of the units.
  4. On the day to return the loan units, you will also be required to submit your blogpost(s) URL to be fully eligible to participate in the contest.
To be eligible you have to submit a ‘Combined Product Review Blogpost’ must also have an embedded Ninetology Banner in 200 – 250 words with minimum of 3 photos or images. 

1. By the end of the campaign date, we will select three bloggers who drove in the most subscription via their post and will be rewarded as follows:
a. Grand Prize: A Ninetology’s Latest Device and RM3000
b. 1st Runner-Up: A Ninetology’s Latest Device and RM2000
c. 2nd Runner-UP: A Ninetology’s Latest Device and RM1000

2. Every month, within the campaign period, Ninetology will be having different themes for blogging contents for the ‘Combined Review Blogpost’, the monthly themes will be announced as a surprise every 30 days.

a. The Rewards will be in the form of a range of items which can be Ninetology’s devices, vacations, movie tickets, other mobile brand’s devices and so forth.

3. Your readers will be rewarded too! Monthly, we will be allocating from RM15,000 to RM20,000 worth of Ninetology E-Vouchers just for the 1st 100 readers who subscribes to our newsletter via the banner. The vouchers will enable them to purchase our products at a discounted price.

Sounds insteresting to you? Join the campaign now! For more information, kindly log on to Ninetology's Official Website or Ninetology Malaysia's Facebook Page.

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