SHILLS Miracle Face Lifting Series - Seriously V-Firm!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Yeah, my face is round, really round and I wish I could have a V-Shape face. Once I received this from SHILLS, I'm really thrilled! This coming September, SHILLS's prouly introduce beauty babes their newly invented products which first found in Malaysia - SHILLS Miracle Face Lifting Series

SHILLS Miracle Face-Lifting Series consists of two products: SHILLS Miracle-Lift Facial Firming Mask and SHILLS Miracle Face-Lifting Serum. Bothe are aimed for facial-contouring and stimulates skin’s natural ability to boost collagen production, lifts and tightens the cheek area. Plus, their mask is just like normal mask but you can leave the mask on for up to 8 hours! Treat them like a sleeping mask and feel the miracle the next morning when you wake up!

SHILLS Miracle-Lift Facial Firming Mask  |  RM118 for 5pcs
Loaded with natural plant extracts such as Juniper berries (boost metabolism), rosemary (fortify lympathic) and anise seeds (swelling treatment), it stimulates skin's natural ability to boost collagen production, and lifts and tightens the cheek area. 

HOW-TO USE: Cleanse your face and pat dry. Place mask over cheeks and around your mouth,
gently press the mask with both palms from the centre towards the jaw line. Leave mask on
no longer than eight hours.

SHILLS Miracle-Lift Facial Lifting Serum  |  (30ml) RM99
The Shills Miracle-Lift Facial Lifting Serum is the new fibre repositioning 3D V-lifting serum, firms and tightens cheeks while reducing double chin and sculpts facial contours. Acting as a gatekeeper on your skin, it protects your skin from the initial stages of ageing. This new fibre repositioning 3D V-lifting serum glides on skin with its smooth silky texture, locking in layers of anti-ageing ingredients and providing skin with long-lasting moisture, for an immediate improvement of fine lines.

Features: Formulated with mineral-rich herbal Butcher's broom extract to help rejuvenate and repair damaged skin, while essential oil nourishes, firms and tightens skin. Ivy extract effectively reduces swelling and thickening of skin, and seaweed extract removes loose skin as a result of weight gain and stretch marks. The easily absorbed, lightweight and invigorating cream texture is a delight to use, helping you attain crystal clear, radiant skin.

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SHILLS is now having a duo promo for Miracle-Lift Series. Get both full size of serum and 5 pieces of mask for only RM168! Grab one cause it's really limited! For more information, visit Aeon Wellness, Mask Slim, SaSa Malaysia and Shills Concept Store or

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