[OMG] Singapore Husband Caught Soliciting Sex on Messaging App

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

WeChat anyone? It’s a successful China social messaging app founded in China with more than 300 million users across Asia now. Even celebrities are using them as their official accounts platform. Although it’s a great way to meet new people or strangers, but it could be miserable if people are misused it as a platform to solicit illegal business, like prostitution.

The Real Singapore revealed that a Singaporean newly-wed woman exposed her husband’s WeChat conversation which she suspected her husband simply picking up with random girls for sexual service.

The woman was previously read an article from a local forum that WeChat is a famous platform for China students who studies in Singapore to trade their bodies for money. She even discovered that her husband’s briefcase contained condoms which her husband would never use them while having bed activities with her.

She found out that her husband was chatting to a young girl named Anna, who suspected is a PRC student working illegally in Singapore. Her husband was act aggressively when she’s trying to check his phone.

Pictures below are the phone screen shot of the conversation that she found. The conversation was written in Chinese. More pics HERE

** Seriously, I felt sick while translating them. (Words in blue is female, black is male) Although I'm pissed, but I think I need to share with more people about this matter.

 "I don't do sex, honey. I'm still a virgin and I won't simply give it to someone else."

"That's why I want to make a deal with you"
"Or tell me what you need, I'll try my best to help you."
"Breaking my virginity for only $100? No way!"

"$2000 a night. Is it too expensive? Or you can get some cheaper one at Geylang (Singapore). Good night."
"Wow! It's expensive, how about $1000? I really want to "do" you for $1000,"
"No, or else you go find the cheap ones yourself"
"Ok, $2000, but you have to be with me for whole night. Tonight please? I'll give you $2000"

"Ok, see you tomorrow night, I'm working tomorrow""Sure. Or you want want it tonight?"
"No, I need to wake up early for work tomorrow. Tomorrow night then."
"I'll pay you $3000 if tonight, tomorrow will be $2000."

"Why must tonight? I'm tired to death today"
"Okay, tomorrow night then."
"You offday tomorrow? What time you start working?"
"9-6. Haha, you want it tonight is it?"

"Where do we go if we meet tonight?"
"Hotel in Geylang"
"But you have to pay me first, or else I don't come with you. $3000, is it difficult?"
"I'd be happier if you can give me a little discount. Condoms?"
"Yes, don't try to knock me up"
"I'll marry you if you're pregnant. I like you very much!"

"PRC workers have fixed pregnancy check. I'll have to go back to my country if I'm pregnant."
"Wow, I really though of we could have children."
"You're really good in talking. Our term: Prepaid. Do you agree?"
"You're so beautiful and I want to spend my whole night with you on bed."
"If you agree the term, can."

"Let's discuss tomorrow okay? Good night"
"Good night. I'm really looking forward to have bed activities with you"
- The next day -
"Honey, I don't feel like doing with you today."
"What's wrong? It's fine, I'll hunt for someone else in Geylang."
"Cold weather, feeling sleepy.."
"That's why it's good for having sex. Nvm, I'll find other girls in Geylang. Felt hard if I'm not get it done"

- Last two conversation -
"I'm still considering this big deal."
"You'll get used to it once you had it for first time. Having fun and paid with extra cash. We could have fun together until you reach the peak."

Awww... COME ON! I'm really, really sick of it larh!!! Shame on you!! 

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