My First Impression on HiShop

Monday, August 26, 2013

HiShop Beauty Box
Well, I’m not really keen to purchase beauty products online plus it’s not trending at my hometown – Penang. But since I’ve moved to KL and that’s how I started to know about beauty box. But still, I don’t dare to get either one of them from any beauty box portals.

I’ve met several cases from my pal that they’ve experienced something bad especially when it comes to delivery. Many of us including myself are really afraid of not getting their products or orders after they've made the payment. The more they pay, the more anxious they are.

Well, I met HiShop, although I never ordered anything from them yet, but there's a little beauty angel which lives deep down my heart is encouraging me to do so – and I’ve joined their HiShop Affiliation Programme.

One thing I like about HiShop website is their layout is well organized – not too messy, not too fussy. Buttons and links are pretty straight forward and beauty netizens can always get what they need directly.

Plus, like what HiShop gave their words to beauty buyers, they only carry 100% Genuine Products which sourced directly from the brand distributors. Numerous praises from other beauty bloggers on HiShop has made me even more confident and reliable on this beauty box! Incedible offers are available too!

I guess I should make my first move now., I have confident on you! 

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