Cinemas to Play "Negaraku" Next Week

Friday, August 23, 2013

Cinema orperators are required to play "Negaraku" before the start of every movie from the Merdeka month until Malaysia Day in September if . Movie patrons need to stand up and sing national anthem too! This was suggested by the Ministry of Communication and Multimedia last week.

According to the minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery, 5 major cinema's operators in the country will work together to demonstrate their generosity with the ministry. This move was meant to promote and increase patriotic spirit for the upcoming 56th National Day next Saturday.

The national anthem will be played in Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC), Tanjung Golden Village Cinemas (TGV), Lotus Five Star, MBO Cinemas and Cathay Cineplex started next Wednesday.

"These promos are to remind us that we shouldn't take our peaceful existence for granted, and to stand up for five to six minutes while Negaraku are being played would be our way of showing gratitude and appreciation to our fallen heroes," he added.

So, here comes the question. It's still unclear and unguarantee that will movie patrons will choose to stand up to sing national anthems or not; or will you guys skip the shows during the Merdeka week? Well, don't ask me back =.= I'm okay with that and I don't mind.

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