[UPDATED] RM380mil?! Netizens Bit for Minion Figurines on eBay

Saturday, July 13, 2013

It's mine!

UPDATED: Now! The bid ended with the price of RM380,000,000?! Are you f*cking kidding me?! These toys are still on sale and 4 more to collect them all from McDonald's! 

Image: eBay Malaysia (bit ended)


The Minion Madness continues! My sister shared this news for me on Facebook and it's totally freaking me out. There’s an ongoing bid which sells a set of 3 McDonald’s Despicable Me 2’s Minion figurines!

The bid was started 2 days ago for 3 days which ends in less than 12 hours. Almost 100 bids were done and the bid has gone up to RM302 this afternoon. I believed that the amount will be rising until the last minute of this bid.

Image: eBay Malaysia

I'm not sure those bidders are taking them serious or just simply making fun of it. One thing I'm very sure that, the Minion craze still continues until the show’s off from theaters and the Mcdonald’s finish leasing their Minion figurine’s collection.

It is really crazy! Click the bid details HERE. 

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