[TIPS & TRICKS] Ways to Fix and Reuse Old Nail Polish

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

We pampered ourselves with manicures and pedicure, and we’ve spent on so many expensive nail polishes with various colours so that we can do it at home. Many of us are wondering whether there is any shelf life for oil nail polish, and once we found out these nail polishes that stuffed in drawers are totally hardened and dried out!

Some of us might don’t want to toss it because they love the colours. Well, if it doesn’t spoil or get mouldy, you don’t have to. I've sum-up some solutions to fix them based on different conditions.

Nail Polish Remover – for Thickened Nail Polish
Yup, although it’s the easiest way to fix it, but there’s a proper way to do it. The ingredients in nail polish remover can temporary help out in a pinch. It’s super useful yet the most common aid if you’re only using for a few times. Drop a few droplets of nail polish remover and gently agitate the bottle after each drop.
  OPI Nail Lacquer Thinner 60ml

Nail Polish Thinner – for Thickened or Hardened Nail Polish
Store this in your drawer if you’re really wanted to take care of your nail polishes. Most of the nail polish thinner contains toluene, ethyl acetate and butyl acetate which able to thinner your hardened nail polishes for longer time. Replace the brush and cap and add one drop at a time to the bottle of nail polish. Shake gently and well and test the consistency on your nail. Add one more if it doesn’t reach the result that you desired. Do not add too much thinner because it cannot be re-thicken thinned out polish.

Gently Mixing – for Slightly Thickened Nail Polish
This is the mildest way to fix it using your body temperature. Firstly, turn the nail polish bottle upside down and roll the bottle between your palms for a few minutes. Shake it gently if necessary because it might form air bubbles that lead to prematurely thick polish. (Source)

The Extreme Fix - Acetone + Orange Oil
You may get the acetone from beauty supply store. Drop a small amount of Acetone and the equal amount of orange oil into the bottle. Gently rub and mix well with toothpaste (if needed) to allow the nail polish evenly spread. Remove the brush from the bottle and check the results. Do again until your desired consistency is reached.

Decorate Them, Don’t Simply Toss
Well, if you don’t wish to reuse your nail polish again, use them to DIY your stuff. Customise them with adding extra colours on your leather goods, phone cases, plain t-shirts or even note books. (Source)

So, don't toss, reuse and be an eco-chic! This article also originally appeared on Lipstiq.com

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Ashley Yeen

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