Three-Year-Old Autistic Girl Wows Art World

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Van Gogh, Monet and Picasso are probably most recognized paint artist in the universe. But I’m deeply impressed by this young talented girl named Iris Grace Halmshaw’s art painting.

OMG! She’s just 3 years old! Unfortunately she is autistic. She can’t speak and other children unnerve and distress her. Thankfully, art has soothed and calmed her – an amazing source of psychological therapy.

“When Iris diagnosed with autism, the main key was to find something she loved to do,” says Iris’s mom, Arabella Carter-Johnson. She did try to take Iris to the playground, but it had been disastrous.

She refuses to use an easel and prefers laying the paper flat on a table while painting. A private collector has bought two of her original works for £1,500 each (gross amount of RM7500). A solo exhibition is recently planned in London for auction.

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Gosh... these pictures are so astonishing!!

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