THEFACESHOP's New FACE it Color Control Cream

Monday, July 29, 2013

“Stay natural”, these two words perfectly match THEFACESHOP’s branding concept. The innovative Color Control Cream has skin-perfecting functions of both skincare and makeup in just one compact case. Serving two functions at once, the CC cream, to your surprise, carries moisturizing substances that are found in normal skincare products like toner or emulsion. Moreover, the makeup benefits you are to experience from this CC cream are astonishing!  

The barely-there make-up base creams come into two types of unit: the Aura Color Control and Smart Capsule CC. These two mainly work for natural looking skin tones but are slightly different.

FACE it Aura Color Control Cream SPF30 PA++ (RM119.90)
It’s a liquid makeup base oozing out of the surface when pressed is notable with its innovative container. Not only looking pretty outside, the high-technology used inside is just suitable for today’s generation. Skin illumination and transparency are well shown with Face It Aura CC Cream. The Amati ST Particle, also known as skin illumination wattage, helps brighten up skin tone as if a spotlight is switched on under the surface. At the same time, the skin stays moisturized and glowing all day long.  In addition to make readers more excited, it is darkening proof!

FACE it Smart Capsule Color Control Cream SPF40 PA++ Perfect Skin Tone (RM 109.90) 
As shown from its magnificent name, Smart Capsule CC has 3 different colors of capsules within. Yellow, black and red smart capsules get broken when being applied. As they break out, the white cream helps to have the most idealistic skin color and tone of the user, which means no matter how dark or how fair a person’s skin color is the CC cream will automatically find the most natural skin tone, a smart-tone-technology.

For more information, kindly log on to THEFACESHOP's official website of their official Facebook page.

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