The Pros & Cons Dating an Alpha Male

Friday, July 05, 2013

Before I start, let us define the word “ALPHA MALE”

Same thing when you see these in animals:
a.       Lions, tigers, wolves fought with each other species to lead the pack – the leadership.
b.      Peacock shows his beautiful feathers to attract female peacock – he is confident and care for his look.
c.       Male seahorses taking care of their babies – he cares for his family.

Alpha male is an act that is performed by males who act tough, controlling and wanted to take charge in everything, literally. Although they used to be the good-looking one, well off and confident, but they’re definitely having a set of their own philosophies to live with, The Immanuel Kant for sure.

It’s actually not a big deal if you’re dating or married an alpha male. All you have to do is unveil his shield and eventually he’ll be totally all yours. We’ve sum up and compiled the pros and cons of dating an alpha male based on my own opinions and comments given from my friend. It might be controversial, like it or not, take it or leave it.

The Pros
1. You'll feel protected.
We'll that's for sure. An alpha male will never want anyone else "sniffing" about his female. If he sees a girl being bullied, he'll make sure he's the hero of the story. Isn't that the love story that we want all the time?

2. Father figure.
He’ll give you the best experience, and at the same time share some advices and guidance when you're trying to pursue something. He wants to be treated like a king, whether at home or outdoors. To help tone down an ego, you'll need to ease it with a small ego boost too. Praise him and let him know that your friends envy you for having such a protective man in her life. But the most important thing to do when you're in a relationship with an alpha male is to be honest. The truth may hurt, but it's the only way to keep him grounded.

3. Familism
He'll pay his biggest attention to his family once he has children and he won't let his wife to work outside again. Although you might feel this is quite demanding or unfair, but think deeper, he's trying to take the biggest and toughest part to raise his family well.

The Cons
1. He wants to know everything
An alpha male sees everything from his perspective, from business deals to how to pick up a lady. And because he aims to control everything, you'll probably be his "victim". There are chances where he'll want to know every single detail about you, including your past relationships, who your friends are, and he'll probably go as far as to controlling wherever you go. The most common setback on dating an alpha male is that you'll notice a lack of freedom in your life.

2. He's restricting you.
This is the most common setback on dating an alpha male is that you'll notice a lack of freedom in your life. He'll nag you as much as possible, just like your how fathers grounded their little daughter away from the society. He'll easily get frustrated if he repeats the same thing too much. There's a code in his mind that couples should be committed with each other and to be honest and loyal.

3. His emotion
Since he's the alpha male, please don't always expect that he'll be treating you like a princess once he's back from work. Bear with his hot temper and bad emotions some time. Alpha male does have their soft side too, only when he's facing the one he cares the most. Pampered him with some good dishes or massage will motivate him to love you more.
- The Alpha Male Checklist -
  • He’s very confident on his grooming. He always dresses his best.
  • He won’t spend too much time in front of a mirror like girls, because he knows he’s the best looking guy in the universe.
  • Look into his eyes, his eyes do the talking.
  • He used to lead and expects everyone to follow.
  • He makes decision without hesitation.
  • He doesn’t care what people think of him
  • He’s insecure, that’s why he’s ego.
  • He loves to take a deep breath before he starts talking.
  • He’s resourceful, intelligent but demanding.
  • He lives his own rules and philosophy.
  • He acts first, think later.
  • He needs help from the others, but he never has faith on them.
  • He gives the impression that he’s a predator always hunts for potential prey.
  • He enjoys and takes challenges, if he’s on it, he’ll achieve the best.
  • He has a good memory in remembering people around him.
  • When he wants you, he’s expecting you to be free. (Source)

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