[REVIEW] Jellies and Puddings at MamaCraft Pastries and Dessert

Sunday, July 20, 2014

My orders!
Jelly and pudding, we heard them and we ate them. But this could be something else when a Japanese healthy snack meets French savoury dessert, and I believe it's hard to find with such great taste.

I really hate working hard for food, so ordered them online is the smartest way to do it, because online food order has gone viral in our country recently.

MamaCraft Pastries and Dessert recently offers a variety of jelly and puddings includes longan, mango and honeydew. More flavours coming soon! Their Chinese Herbal Jelly is one of my favourite too!

All of their ingredients were purely made by fresh fruits and no seasonings or coloring's. It seems like MamaCraft Pastries and Dessert has kept its philosophy that they want their food to be original. Which means they can't be kept long in the fridge! 

Look at it, plenty of fresh mango slices!
Fresh Mango Pudding - Once I had my first bite on mango pudding, the pudding contains plenty of fresh mango slices. It tastes so smooth and it's so filling. I guess this could be a good way to trick children who don’t take fruits.

I still remember that I've hired MamaCraft Pastries and Dessert for my previous MUFE Make-up Party. I heard lots of my readers love their cookies, muffins and sandwiches!

In conclusion, it’s really hard to get such great dessert like MamaCraft Pastries and Dessert. If you want to throw a house party, do call them as they cater as well. I highly recommend sharing these with family especially children because both MamaCraft Pastries and Dessert's jellies and puddings contains fresh fruits!

You may order them or view their menus HERE

- xoxo -

Ashley Yeen

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  1. Is there a link to their website?

    1. Hi Angela,

      You may search them on Facebook