Minion Madness: It's All Over The World!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Seriously, the minions are driving me crazy!

The trend has actually started since year 2010 along with the movie Despicable Me. It was not so famous that time. But this time, the production crews (Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment) of Despicable Me 2 did a pretty good job as it has teased all of us since March 2012.

These yellow capsule-sized minions are so cute, so clumsy, and so adorable; as well as the human character in the movie, especially Gru and Agnes.

Now, the “Minion Madness” has spread worldwide including Malaysia as McDonalds has been authorized to produce minion figurines. But when McD decided to include minion figurines in their kids’ Happy Meal, the Minion fans are just gone crazy. Not only kids, even adults are ordering Happy Meal to collect all 9 Minion figurines. (Sorry, I’m one of them as well, LOL).

I just can’t imagine the figurines out of stock in just a blink of eyes! WHAT?!?!  People get excited over their collection, but then you’ll see the disappointments for those who didn’t managed to get their minion figurines, through your Facebook. (It’s true!)

One thing that was totally pissing me off when I queued up for these toys: I actually spotted adults who purchase many sets of toys and they’re selling them off for a higher price to some desperate customers! WHAT’S THE POINT?!

Due to this crazy issue, McDonald’s Malaysia decided to release this statement on their official Facebook Page:

 “We would like to thank you for your tremendous support towards the Happy Meal ‘Despicable Me 2’ promotion. However, due to overwhelming response, we have been receiving numerous feedback from our Happy Meal customers that they are unable to attain the toy for their children. As this promotion was designed to be part of the Happy Meal programme, please be informed that each ‘Despicable Me 2’ toy will be available only with the purchase of a Happy Meal and while stocks last. 
One toy per one Happy Meal. Should you wish to purchase more than 1 Happy Meal, you may request for different Week 2 designs in each of your meals, but ONLY while stocks last. 
Happy Meals are available all day long, either with Breakfast Happy Meals or our regular hour Happy Meals. Menu details at
We strive to provide overall customer satisfaction to all our patrons and we believe by reinforcing the above will help to ensure that children are not disappointed and will walk away with a smile on their faces”

Okay, I’m not greedy, I just collect 1 set, because I really, really love these minions and I’m not gonna sell them off. I'll continue collect them! The review of Despicable Me 2 will be posted soon.

First batch of Minion Figurines. It's Mine

Second Batch of Minion Figurine. Mine too!!

Ba Ba Na Na~~~!!!!

- xoxo -

Ashley Yeen

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