Minion Madness 2.0: People's Tearing Down McDonalds' Outlet's Gate

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The third batch of Minions are released today. I saw this on Facebook about the actual senario in McDonald's Prangin Mall, Penang. It seems like people are going to tear down the McD's gate, GOSH!
Yeah, this is how we react to the small toys thesedays... tsk tsk

Too bad, I was still not able to make it eventhough I woke up at 8am in the morning and I've hopped more than 5 McD outlets in KL for the minion figurines. I ended giving up for the hunt. My friends were helpful enough to look for me as well, but still sold out in just a blink of eyes. 

I've queued for more than 2 hours at this McD outlet but still ot my turn yet. I have to give up because I have something more important to do - MEETING!

Plus, this is something ridiculous: When I was Q-ing at one of the McD's outlet, the management are actually allowing customers to buy a maximum of 4 sets of happy meals to get the minion figurines. 4 SETS? Seriously, that's too much. 

Something popped up in my mind: Do I really have to be so crazy for these toys? Or am I just simply want to satisfy my childishness to collect them all? I've collected the first 2 batches of minion figurine, hopefully I can try another shot tomorrow as I received some rumours that certain outlets will retock the minion figurines.

Wish me luck! - xoxo -

Ashley Yeen

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