[BEAUTY 101] Make-Up Setting Spray, Worth to Invest?

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I know it's like kind a #throwback posts when I was working under a mainstream media and I admit I do have one there too. Somehow I guess I should come out with something like "Beauty 101" stuff to educate my beloved readers and beauty junkies! So here I am! 

Primer, foundation, corrector, powder, eye shadow, blusher, lip colour, brow… wait, make-up setting spray? Do we need that? I need that, we need that. We’ve spent so much time grooming ourselves because we want to look the best among the crowd. But our make-up has smeared and ruining our midnight mojo. Sometimes we might think that how good it would be if there’s any magic spell that could last our make-up longer. Well, here’s what we have now, THE Make-up Setting Spray, a.k.a the finishing spray.

I'm pretty sure that some of us rumoured to popular belief that a make-up setting spray is totally nothing but a face mist (some of them really are). In fact, there are some brands in the market that can make your make-up stay on longer, and keeps your skin hydrated. Some even provide a luminous and dewy finish to give you that healthy, glowing look.

Although there are many options when looking for a make-up setting spray, but I have a list that I think are worth to invest.

Urban Decay   |    RM109 for 120ml / RM49 for Travel Size
One of my favourite cosmetics brand! Their setting spray is one of the most hot-selling products which you can easily found in Sephora Malaysia. Their temperature control technology will keep your make-up looking fresh and stay hydrated. 

M.A.C Fix+    |   RM80
I’m, currently using this! This make-up setting spray works as a finishing spray and skin refresher. It will leave your skin hydrated and gives you a healthy, glowing finish. It’s just like wearing a light stocking on your face! 

**I'm currently using this

Make Up For Ever Mist & Fix   |   RM80 for 125ml
Another hot-selling item in Sephora Malaysia. If you prefer something light, you may consider using this as it provides the same great make-up setting benefit in a near weightless formula.

Skindenävia Make-Up Finishing Spray

This Australian brand is the first ever brand who invented this awesome products. It also works closely with other beauty brands to come out with their own line of setting spray. It extends make-up wear and keeps colour vibrant for long hours and leaves a healthy looking, breathable finish. You may purchase them online HERE as they’re shipping worldwide for free. 

Okay, since I said that I'm using MAC Fix+, believe it or not, I've re-purchased twice on that. Why? Not only the brand itself, but I also realized that how important the usage of make-up setting spray. I suggest, everyone should get themself a bottle especially those who needs to put on their make-up for longer time.

Ladies, have you heard my words? Also, tell me what you like / prefer? Drop comments here!

- xoxo -

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  1. I have only used Nature's Republic 90 Aloe Facial Spray and have not bought anything to replace it yet >.< I do agree a make up setting spray is important for the make up to last longer, thanks for the recommendations here! Now just to get my hands on them :D

    1. Syaza, I see, never tried that you use too! Maybe cause I'm not too fancy of Korean products (unless I received them for advertorial). Let's spread the words!

    2. Haha well because there's not as much options here in Miri for the ones you mentioned in your blog :) so Korean products are the only different (and cheaper) options to get around here :D

  2. Syaza, next time you want I can help you buy...