Madonna Shocks With Her Latest Picture of Wearing Chainmail Niqab

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Our all-time favourite Queen of Pop needs no introduction. Madonna loves touting a gun or wearing fishnets and spandex where women supposed to cover up at that age.

This time, she’s not wearing anything mentioned above, but she has been pictured wearing a chainmail Niqab, a face veil worn by Muslim women.

She posted the picture for her forthcoming photo shoot with Harper’s Bazaar magazine on both Facebook and Instagram, accompanied by the words: “The Revolution of Love is on… Ishallah (God willing)”.

Majority of fans posted positive feedback and comments about her outfit, but some of them were commenting that the chainmail mask is a direct criticism of the oppression suffered by women in some Islamic countries.

Well, I think she's really cool! How do you think? Drop comments! (Source)

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