Justin Bieber Pees In A Mop Bucket and Disses Bill Clinton

Thursday, July 11, 2013

----- UPDATED -----

After he did those things, Justin Bieber apologized to the former US President. Check his tweet (Source)


Most of our teenage life ends up rebelliously, nor the normal people like us or superstar Justin Bieber.

No one knows exactly why Bieber has act into such attitude these days: sleeping on a girl’s lap in public, hang out with low-life losers. One thing we’re pretty sure about that is he’s definitely not heading in his best direction.

Apparently, a video just leaked on the internet that shows the 19-year-old singer urinating in a mop bucket at a restaurant and them dissing Bill Clinton, former US President.

Dear Bieber, you've might broke so many people's heart. I just don’t know to comment on your recent attitude. I think you should get tamed not or else, things might gonna get even worse.

Watch the video here:

Justin Bieber Pisses Into Restaurant Mop Bucket -- 'F*** Bill Clinton!' - Watch More Celebrity Videos or Subscribe

This article also originally appeared on Lipstiq.com (Source)

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