Get Lucky With Daft Punk's Condom

Friday, July 12, 2013

This is interesting.. I want to share it!

Have you heard of the song “Get Lucky” from Daft Punk? This song has get even sexier with the use of the newly-launched Daft Punk condoms.
The electro band has collaborate with Durex as partners to produce prophylactics that feature the cover of Daft Punk’s latest album “Random Access Memories” on the front cover of the pocket.

Image: Daft Punk Condom (from Instagram)

Samples were given out the DJs across the world and DJ Diplo Instagram-med with the caption, “Thank God I had those Daft Punk condoms last night.”

Daft Punk is not the first one who came up with condom brands. Ludacris teamed up with Magnum in year 2011 and Ke$ha blasted 10k of condoms with her face on it after Ludacris. (Source)

Magnum Live Large by Ludacris

LifeStyle by Ke$ha

This is very cool right? Will grab them as your collection?

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Ashley Yeen

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