DIY: 8 Creative Ways to Reuse Glass Jars

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Have no ideas how to reuse your old glass jars? Or it’s too cute to toss? Yes, I really love DIY stuff, but too bad my house dusted easily and it’s really hard and lazy for me to clean them up. I’ve found some creative pictures to repurpose their glass jars. It's really impressive!

Jar Lamps (Image)
It’s a totally easy-budget chic lamp to do with both hands. Hang them outside your house or inside the living room, it creates a perfect romantic and relaxed ambience with soft yellow lights. 

Serve Drinks in Jars (Image)
This could be your lifesaver if you’re out of cups. The glasses will strike the casual chic note especially for your house gathering or party. We’re pretty sure that your guest will depply impressed.

Personalized with Names (Image, Source)
Once we’ve saw this, it’s totally melted our heart. All you have to do is only spend a little amount on paint pen or non-erased marker pen and mark it up! It’s yours, no one could take it away.

Party Snack Jars (Image)
Serve them in a unique way: serve your dishes or pastries on small jars in different shape. It’ll be much easier for people to walk and mingle around. But be careful, don’t break it.

Holder (Image, Source)
It might be too dull if you simply use it. How about a Lego pencil holder? Or draw something else on it. You may put your make-up brushes and stationary tools as well.

Spice Rack (Image, Source)
Too little space to store your spices instead on just putting on the rack? Glue on a small piece of magnet on top of the metal cover and arrange them well on a stainless steel wall. That’s it!

Photo Jars (Image, Source)
Spend zero dollars for photo frames! Just measure your photo to match the size of glass jar, slide them in and turn them upside down. Place them nicely by your bed or display them on top of your TV rack.

Sugar Shaker (Image, Source)
Sugar, salt, pepper, even toothpicks. Why we need to get a proper one? Poke a few holes with narrow nail on the jar lid. Place your sugar or salt respectively and make sure the jar is well covered.

Click this LINK to view more creative designs!

We love DIY! Yays!

- xoxo -

Ashley Yeen

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