An Introduction to Mineral-based Cosmetics

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Mineral-based cosmetic has gone viral among beauty industries.  They are well-known to be safer and superior in quality compared to the normal cosmetic products. We know that excessive use of make-up might lead to redness and skin irritation or even acne and pimples. We’d love to give you some brief information on mineral-based cosmetic products.

Science Facts
Mineral contains titanium oxide and zinc oxide which both act like sun blocks. It gives some sun protection. Zinc oxide is also an FDA-approved skin protectant. Mineral make-up cosmetics contain a high percentage of zinc oxide compared with the traditional ones, it can be used to calm and soothe skin irritation. It also has some anti-inflammatory properties, so you will see it in products like diaper-rash ointment. (Source)

So what’s not in mineral make-up products? They’re all guaranteed fragrance-free, paraben-free, no chemical substances and preservatives. According to New York dermatologist Neal Schultz, MD, it’s much less likely to cause a negative reaction in women with sensitive skin. Many famous brands have already come up with their own mineral-based products to welcome another group of ladies with sensitive skin to join the joy of make-up world!

There are 3 major benefits of using mineral make-up products:
1.       Light and Natural
This is how the magic begins. Applying mineral-based make-up can makes you look more natural. People around you will not be able to tell that you have any make-up on because this kind of make-up feels very light even when it’s hot and humid outside.
2.       Less Irritation
This is one of the greatest benefits of mineral-based cosmetics. They’re usually free from harmful chemical ingredients. If your skin is prone and sensitive, we would like to recommend you try them on because it’s very mild and gentle.
3.       Anti-Aging
Mineral has its functions which protect against sun damage or free-radical damage, which help keep you skin looking healthy and young. Just like your sunscreen, the mineral particle help to bounce UV rays off your skin surface. (Source)

Now you’ve gained a little knowledge of mineral-based make-up, here are some of my top picks!

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Mineral Make-Up SPF15
Laura Mercier Foundation Primer (Mineral)

bareMinerals  (available at Sephora Malaysia)

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