ALERT: Fake Instagram Account

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Please do not believe if there's any brand's instagram asking you to follow and earn freebies as return, because they all are FAKE ACCOUNTS.

H&M, adidas and Zara Malaysia Instagram accounts are in the list.

First 5000 followers will be rewarded RM200 shopping vouchers? That's does not make sense! Imagine how much money the company will throw for something like this. In fact, they're famous enough, it's way too much to do similar tricks again. Plus, there's no official announcement from their sites.

H&M Malaysia's Promo: RM200 x 5000 followers = RM1,000,000
Zara Malaysia's Promo: RM100 x 10,000 followers = RM1,000,000

Think of the concequences: What would happen if there's someone really stepped in front of their retail counters and ask for voucher redemption?

So, if you want freebies, do check their official website or keep yourself updated.

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