[RESPONSE] AirAsia's Air Stewardess are "Too Sexy to Handle"

Friday, August 16, 2013

AirAsia Group chief executive officer Tony Fernandes responded to the criticism mentioned below, saying. “If you really want us to go global, and every politician says so, then support us and look beyond our shores and our cultural sensitivities” 

He stressed that the few members themselves designed the outfit and that it was chose because it had “universal features”.
“Being a big brand attracts detractors, not everyone will love us,” he said during the Global Malaysia Series forum in Kuala Lumpur.
Yes, I support Fernandes, think BIG! BIGGER!! BIGGEST!!!
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(4t July 2013)
AirAsia's Air Stewardess are "Too Sexy to Handle"?

Before I proceed to my personal comment, let's see this news report.

The Transport Ministry wants budget airline AirAsia to review its female flight attendants dress code. The uniforms of female flight attendance were claimed that it's too sexy and not representing the Malaysian national identity.

The issue surfaced after a Kelantan lawmaker from the United Malays National Organisation, Ikmal Hisham Abdul Aziz, commented that the airline's uniforms were "sexy" and "did not reflect the national identity".

"Airlines have to abide by the safety standards, among others, and comply with emergency evacuation in the allotted time, as set by the Civil Aviation Department and the International Civil Aviation Organisation," acting Transport Minister Hishamuddin Hussein said.

"Airlines including AirAsia is free to choose their uniform as long as it complies with the criteria set by the authorities," said Transport Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein. Due to skirt the issue, he did not specify what the criteria is. Source

Does it really matters you? Or you guys want it to be like MAS? Come on! Their skirts are until knees! Or is it too sedusive to some races?

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